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Our latest featured blogger is the lovely Jen, from PhotojenicBlog, a 22 year-old New York native studying photography at Yale. Her blog is an incredible mix between fashion, photography, and lifestyle. Her stunning photography and her constant smile make her absolutely endearing, and a must-follow blogger. She answered to our questions about her fashion sense, beauty, and lifestyle. Check it out right away!

Couturesque: What first spawned your interest in fashion? I’ve loved fashion since I was little, but I really started to play around with my own style when I was at boarding school. I had so much fun seeing what I could get away with fashion-wise while still technically following the dress code. I definitely wore some regrettable colored tights and weird necklaces, but working under those constraints showed me how fashion can create a sense of individuality.

Couturesque: Are there specific outfits that you can recall? I remember the first time I got to pick out a hat on my own when I was two years old - out of the entire selection of cute hats on the wall, I picked what my family calls “the ugly green hat.” It was indeed this very ugly, green floppy hat, but I loved it so much.

Couturesque: Tell us a bit about how and why you started blogging. I started my blog when I was studying abroad one summer in college and wanted a more creative way to share my photos than the standard Facebook album. It started as a lifestyle and photography blog, but has moved more towards personal style recently, which has been really fun for me. I love keeping up my blog because it never feels like work, just a more productive way for me to do the things I would be doing in my free time anyway: taking photos, finding music, collecting inspiration.  

Couturesque: Looking back on that beginning period, what advice would you give to someone looking to start a blog? Just start it! I know lots of people who’ve told me that they want to start a blog but are too intimidated about keeping it up or finding an audience. Just log on to Blogspot, make your first post, and I promise it will work out from there. Make posts about what you love and that’s all that matters. Do it for yourself.

Couturesque: Definitely some solid advice!  Let's talk about your style now.  What are your current trend obsessions?  Lately I am super into 90's fashion/grunge and can’t leave my apartment without wearing some combination of a tied flannel around my waist, my white platform sneakers, or my black Claire’s choker (yes, Claire’s).

Couturesque: Any trends that you are excited to rock this summer? Oh man, I actually don’t follow trends or designers as much as I maybe should, but I can’t wait to wear (and hopefully find more of!) matching set pieces - tops and skirts of the same pattern. I love that look right now, especially for summer.

Couturesque: Your most recent buy? My friends recently got me hooked on using eyebrow pencil and it has rocked my world. As long as you don’t overdo it, filling in your eyebrows makes such a nice, subtle difference to your face.

Couturesque: Where do you turn for inspiration and who are your fashion icons? I love Cara Delevingne, Tokyo street style, Sofia Coppola films, Rumi Neely, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Hailey Clauson, Jane Birkin, and Stevie Nicks.

Couturesque: That list pretty much sums up my life right now.  From both these icons and your own experience, what is your number one style tip?  Wear something weird, too.

Couturesque: And for life in general? Show up everywhere five minutes early, TRUST ME.

Special thanks to Jen for taking the time to talk with us, we really enjoyed all of your wisdom!  Don't forget to check out her blog, and keep up to date with all of her social media below.  You can also read more of our interviews with bloggers like Jen, here.

Instagram : @photojenicblog
Twitter : @photojenicblog
Lookbook: jam21492

Written by: Romane, IA
Interview by: Tia, Editor
Image: Photojenic Blog

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