How to Flat Lay 101

Your humorous guide to winning at Instagram.
Image: @margaret__zhang
  • Step 1: Don’t overcrowd. In this world, with our insatiable media appetite, where Miley Cyrus and Kimmy K are crowding Instagram feeds everywhere, no-one has the time to try and comprehend some visually overwhelming mess. Choose 2-3 main pieces that you would like to be prominent in your flat lay and then fill the rest of the space with complementary knick-knacks. Your smashed iPhone, dust-bunnies, a half-eaten sandwich, whatever you can find!
  • Step 2: Experiment! You might have spent hours prepping that flat lay, only to get behind the camera and realize it’s the least-cohesive jumble of items that world has ever seen. Move stuff around, re-fold your clothes, shuffle those shoes elsewhere, try and assemble in a place with more natural sunlight. Having more photos to choose from at the end of the day will be better than taking one photo and realising that you are no Annie Leibovitz, and that call from Vogue will never come :(
  • Step 3: Understand the logistics of an Instagram photo. They’re square. I refuse to even contemplate this encroachment of rectangles to my world of pure, identically-sided quadrangles. Accept the square. Be one with the square. Make sure your flat lay falls within the lines of this square. Be at peace with the world.  
  • Step 5: Theme it. Your #ootd should not be confused with your #ootn or, god forbid, your #pictureoftheday! Choose and theme are ride it to the bitter end. No distractions. No remorse.

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