McQ Channels Teen Culture for Pre-Fall 2016

Alexander McQueen's derivative line McQ = golden.
Scope the entire collection right here.
Imagery c/o Alexander McQueen

At the peak of his career in the 90s, the late Alexander McQueen was known for his subversive sartorial vocabulary, mixing ball gowns with 'bumster' jeans, and running renegade fashion shows out of abandoned churches.  Now under the direction of Sarah Burton, his brand has evolved, but never strayed from the iterations of these edgy, roughed up motifts.

Enter the Pre-Fall 2016 collection for the brand's derivative line, McQ, which is inspired by international interpretations of youth culture, focusing specifically on the punk movement.  Its starting point?  Navigating the contrast and comparison between goths and Masaai warriors.  True.

It's a nuanced concept, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Burton, who reflects the transition from boyhood to warrior of the young Massai through symbolic uses of white, red, and black.  Netting and crochet reflect their indigenous craftsmanship, which is striking next to the strong tailoring and leather dresses that make up the rest of the line.  The verdict: it's hella intellectual, and the thoughtfulness pays off.   


WHO: Tia Elisabeth Glista, Editor at Couturesque magazine
WHERE: Toronto
LISTENING TO: Homecoming
CAN BE FOUND AT: @tia.elisabeth

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