Why Jaden Smith’s LV Campaign Matters

Jaden Smith and Rianne van Rampaey shot by Bruce Weber for Louis Vuitton's Spring 2016 Womenswear campaign, featuring the Heroine bag.(According to wise sister Willow.)
Image: Bruce Weber for Louis Vuitton / youtube.com

Given the popularity of the Smith siblings right now, the fashion world went (rightfully) crazy when 17 year-old Jaden popped up in a Louis Vuitton ad last week.  Joining the brand for their Spring 2016 Womenswear campaign shot by Bruce Weber, Jaden starred alongside models Fernanda Ly, Jean Campbell, and Rianne van Rompaey.  

But what really made a buzz (aside from the ultra cool new Heroine bags), was the commentary on gender that ensued from Jaden's appearance in a "women's" advertisement.  Here at Couturesque, we applauded Jaden; we're all about empowering individuality and challenging the status quo.  Unfortunately, a small minority of people (read: trolls) disagreed and had a bit of a pity-party on social media.  Bah humbug.  In response, Jaden's little sister Willow took to Instagram to share her thoughts, writing: "Males and females are put into boxes of expectation when we are born. As we grow we start to realize the damages that those expectations cause to our spiritual and emotional understanding of ourselves and life. The more we start to realize that we are all the same and infinitely different at the same time, the more we begin to shed those expectations and live free to continue to uplift the essence of Earth."  Preach, girl!

Read: Willow Smith also signed a modelling contract with The Society Management this summer, so here's hoping we'll see her in a major campaign sometime soon.

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