Couturesque's Staff Style Resolutions

New year, new look, same squad.
Image: #Beautyesque by Marissa Joan Ho & Petrija Deobela for Couturesque Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2015. Makeup by Alyssa Manuel, Styling by Tia Elisabeth Glista.

To all our smart n' stylish readers out there: Happy New Year! We hope 2016 brings much happiness and success to every single one of you. For the fashion pack, every new year is a chance to move forward and start clean. Some of us might want to experiment with new trends and pieces that will bring us closer to our true selves, or some might be considering to redefine their look. Regardless of what we’re looking for, it is an opportunity for improvement.  There’s nothing more fun for us at Couturesque from the New Year than planning our style resolutions. It is our chance to reinvent our closets, redo our hairstyles, and create more powerful statements. Take a look at the 2016 style goals from our staff!

Ian Cavazos, Jr. News Editor:
“My entire wardrobe has always consisted of colorful clothing. Lately, I have tried wearing only black, white, and gray, and I love it! My style goal for 2016 is to have a mixed variation of color. I will definitely invest in a dark blue trench coat, I’ve always wanted one."

Peiyao Chen, Fashion Assistant:
“This year I lost sight of my style and stuck to simple shapes, and uniform dressing. For 2016, I want to explore as many trends as possible and expand my palate. Recently, I’ve been enamored with the idea of thrifting and an eclectic closet. The ultimate dream would be to find a vintage faux fur collar coat."

Alyssa Manuel, Sr. Beauty Contributor:
"In the past year, I've become more aware of the social and environmental consequences of fast fashion and overloading your wardrobe. Therefore, my style resolution for 2016 is to start buying consciously and learn how to style the clothing I have into the new trends. I also think I'll be investing in a nice wool coat, it's just too staple of a piece not to have!"

Autumn Breeze, Jr. Fashion Contributor:
"2016 is going to be the year I find my signature style (hopefully!) It has normally been this funky blend of simple Parisian, 60s rock n’ roll, and basics, but this new year I would like to find the perfect refinement. Also, I would love to do something completely adventurous with my hair (platinum à la Alex Wang?! Maybe!)"

Christine Bradshaw, Jr. Beauty Contributor:
“In 2016 I'm going to try to up my accessory game. I'll keep my clothes pretty basic (monochromatic, clean cuts, etc.) and show off my style with backwards caps, berets, delicate rings, bracelets, and earrings. I definitely want to pick up a pair of pink Puma Creepers (if they ever come back in stock!) to complete my 2016 look.”

Tia Elisabeth Glista, Editor in Chief:
"This year I want to refine my vintage shopping skills. It’s such a great way to find basics that are timeless and interesting, and it’s often really affordable as well. I also should probably stop shoe shopping. It’s becoming a problem."

Xenia Klein, Managing Fashion Editor:
"My style has totally evolved in 2015 into one of comfort and funk, experimenting with all things fluffy and acquiring more sneakers than I need. I'm sure 2016 will see me become some sort of fashion fur ball as I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to furry coats - next on my list? A Charlotte Simone accessory."

Sharan Gill, Jr. Fashion Contributor:
“I own multiple pairs of dark-wash skinny jeans and have been wearing only this style for years. 2016 will be the year of my jean revolution as I look forward to experimenting with different washes, level of distress, and silhouettes. I’m also hoping to make sneakers my go-to shoe! I have a secret sneaker board on Pinterest and hopefully I’ll get a few soon!”

Katarina Madsen, Sr. Fashion Contributor:
"I think my style goal for 2016 is to invest in more classic items of a higher quality, and be a bit more conscious about what I spend my money on. I plan to go back to basics, and re-vamp my entire wardrobe in January!"

WHO: Ian Cavazos, Junior News Editor at Couturesque magazine
WHERE: Monterrey, MX
OBSESSED WITH: Black leather boots
LISTENING TO: Beside You - Phildel
CAN BE FOUND AT: @iancavazos on Instagram

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