Top 6 @ 6: Badge of Honour

Badges, pins, and patches are the it-trend for 2016.Flex those DIY skills.
Main Image: Junk Food Denim Jacket (£95 via Lazy Oaf)

Straight out of the 70's, patches, pins and badges have had a slow but steady revival in fashion. Initially seen on the runway circa fall 2014, the trend is still going strong in 2016, as seen in Gucci's hotly-anticipated Resort collection. Whether splayed out at random or meticulously arranged, these accessories add personality to treasured staples. While these patches are best found by digging through bins at flea markets, there are also options for the less thrifty among us. Buy a badged piece or DIY your own, because quite frankly, what's better than personalization? 


WHO: Peiyao, Junior Fashion Contributor at Couturesque magazine
WHERE: North of Toronto
OBSESSED WITH: Boiler Suits 
LISTENING TO: Smoke & Retribution -  Flume 
CAN BE FOUND AT: @peiyaaao

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