Fashion Blogging: What Not To Do

Street Style photographers by Amanda Lin for Couturesque at NYFW SS16.
Auto-playing music, anybody?
Image: Amanda Lin for Couturesque at New York Fashion Week

1. Don’t get lost 
Keep it simple. Find your niche. Stick to that. Don’t try to be everything all at once. Stay true to yourself and don’t feel obliged to post some exotic kale-and-freshly-cut-grass smoothie recipe because that’s what “every other blogger is doing.” Who cares?! Smoothies are gross, anyways. Gimme a milkshake any day.

2. Don’t be shy
You have a blog, you’re happy with the layout, you’re proud of your posts. Now is not the time to hide. You have to advertise! Social media is there for a reason and that reason is not to send Harry Styles strange/sexually explicit tweets. Tumblr, Twitter... hell, even Google+! (I’m joking. Who, on this here planet Earth, uses Google+? NO ONE.) Mobilize those Facebook friends! Hustle them over to your check out your work. This is also where mothers usually come in handy. Over 80% of my profile picture likes are from mum’s friends and you don’t hear me complaining.

3. Don’t leave your fans hanging 
Please do not post once a month (if that) and expect to amass a loyal following. Unless you’re Paris Hilton and you're sharing your coveted DJ tips (wherein you need an entire month to polish those pearls of wisdom), please post regularly. Once a week, at least. We’re an insatiable generation and we need instant gratification.

4. Don’t run out of steam 
Think ‘quality over quantity’. Take, for instance, Paris’ singing career. She only had one album but boy oh boy that thing is perfect from start to finish. Take a moment and listen to Stars Are Blind. You deserve it.

5. Don’t get disheartened 
Fame and fortune don't come overnight, my friends. You probably won’t generate an audience of thousands after one week of posting. These things take time. That, and patience, self-sacrifice, sweat, tears, chocolate, repetitive strain injury, and more sweat. Remember, this blog is your space – your utopia, of sorts. Be passionate and create something you’re proud of. That’s the most important thing. #deep    

WHO: Alex, Pop Culture/Lifestyle Contributor at Couturesque magazine
WHERE: Windy Leeds 
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