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Stella McCartney launched her Fall 2016 collection at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, with a whole bunch of cool guests.
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Here at Couturesque, we talk a lot about the modelling industry.  We discuss the campaigns that models star in (see: Topshop, Coach), we dissect issues like diversity and body image, and we get real envious of Soo Joo's perfect street styleBut we also recognize the fact that in an industry so focused on aesthetics, it is often easy to criticize and critique models instead of cheering them on.  The pressures of the job are enormous and without these hard-working people, we wouldn't be able to deliver the stunning editorials that you know and love, let alone have fashion week.  As the industry evolves and becomes increasingly progressive, we also think that it's important to recognize the individuals who are 'more than just a pretty face' and who strive to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and media in general.

Enter Couturesque's annual Model of the Year contest.  2015's winner, Taylor Hill, was voted the favourite by our readers last February, and was subsequently signed by Victoria's Secret in April.... not that we're saying we had anything to do with it (but we did.)   This year, we're starting with 8 nominees, chosen for their rapid rise in 2015 and a strong start to 2016. Whether they're a catwalk champion or a cover star, these nominees have also been selected for the unique angle that they bring to their work - we're talking pink hair, buzz cuts, gender advocacy, you name it.  The top 3 models will go head to head in a final vote on February 20th, but only 1 will win the coveted title.

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