Shopping Bag: Earrings

Pernille Teisbaek in Gucci loafers, Proenza Schouler tights. Is #eargame a thing?

One night - in a moment of either insane boredom or uncharacteristic rebellion - I found myself in my bathroom, about to pierce my own ear. Being only 15, I had never pierced anything before, but with having seen Parent Trap a handful of times, I felt a sassy young Lindsey Lohan had equipped me with the right amount of how-to. I decided on my top right cartilage, and after a stern personal pep-talk and one swift poke it was done. I walked out of that moment with not only a brand new piece of ear candy, but an entirely new aire of cool. Why am I telling you all of this? Because the ear has quickly become the new accessory frontier, completely changing both the outfit and the attitude. Cool is just what these next-gen earrings are.

Though earrings are still seen as a classic staple accessory, the #eargame of 2016 couldn't be stronger. Whether you prefer the dainty or the exaggerated, bohemian or edgy; there is a perfect set for you. Just remember that the new rule = there are no rules. Mismatched, hoops, door-knockers, chains, cuffs, sets, and studs - choosing which to sport and how to layer them can get pretty overwhelming. To ease the stress, here are some runway and street approved trends that will definitely take your lewk to the next level.

Main Image by @tavitulle

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