What Does a Casting Director Do?

It could be your new dream job.

Our love for fashion is often influenced by the faces that we associate with it. Think Karlie Kloss for Topshop, Lucky Blue Smith for Tom Ford, or Kendall Jenner for Balmain. Whether it be through a campaign, editorial, or fashion show, there is something aspirational about beautiful people and clothing harmoniously coming together as one. Directly responsible for hand-picking the faces of fashion are a group of movers and shakers known as casting directors.

In brief, casting directors are liaisons between a brand and the modelling world. They are responsible for selecting models for projects, based on their client’s vision or the brand's identity. To accomplish this they will attend "go-sees," street cast or, especially in this day and age, search social media. This is where having a keen eye comes in handy. A casting director must be able to sift through many faces and be able to curate a selection of models that embody their client’s needs.

Equally as important are multitasking and people skills. Casting is a career that is largely based on connections, so building relationships with modelling agencies, photographers, and brands is a significant aspect of the work. Like any other job that is people-oriented, casting involves juggling a lot of different personalities and being able to negotiate with them. Multitasking then comes into play when simultaneously scheduling models, communicating shoot info, reading contracts, and addressing budgets. All the while, one has to stay relatively organized in the case of last minute cancellations or mishaps.

If you’re a detail-oriented, people-person and casting appeals to you, the best way to get your proverbial foot in the door is to intern. As casting tycoon Ben Sealey told WhoWhatWear, “whether it’s taking an internship or assistant position in the general field, it’s all about making the right connections and showing your value.” If an internship is not in your near future, start small. Read magazines and familiarize yourself with the names of the editors, stylists, models, and photographers. A casting director’s ability is dependent on their know-how of the industry. The more knowledgeable you are, the more prepared you will be when you eventually get your start. 

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