Shopping Bag: Co-ords Are Still a Thing

Neon Fox blogger in co-ords. An ode to our favourite duos.

Equal parts timeless and badass, this singularly cohesive top/bottom pairing is quite possibly the quickest way to look put-together. For many though, the co-ord can seem a bit intimidating. No one wants to look like they tried too hard, and looking stuffy on top of that is an even greater sartorial offense. Yet (somehow) a perfect co-ord look can make you look confident, comfortable, AND put together all at the same time. Why do you think our British and French sisters look so effortlessly flawless? No, it's not their good genes. Okay, well yes, it is that, but it is also because they aren't afraid to embrace the magical power of the co-ord. Anyone can look and feel as bomb as Caroline de Maigret when they throw on the perfect combo because of the pure and simple fact that it suits (no pun) everyone.

Another beautiful aspect? Coords melt seamlessly into every style and each wardrobe. For the minimalist, the bohemian, and yes, the athleisurer and the romantic, there is a co-ord look for you. So without further ado, we're showing co-ords some love by curating a list of our favorites for you to shop, stat. Enjoy!

Main Image by Neon Fox

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