How2Deal: Summer-Proof Makeup

Don't sweat it.

Summer is a time for days on the beach, weekends at the cottage, and cute summer dresses and jumpsuits. However, for makeup enthusiasts, it can also be a frustrating time; when it's 30ÂșC, the heat can make for a few beauty challenges.

So, to ensure longer wear, your makeup routine may need a few adjustments. It’s often thought that wearing more powder will increase wear, however powder will sweat off faster than a liquid or cream, because it easily mixes with the oils on your face. Heat-proof makeup is about wearing the appropriate products and utilizing ones enforced with water-proof technology.  Here's how to keep it fresh:


Primer is to makeup what glue is to paper. Whether you’re wearing foundation or just concealer, wearing a face primer will help keep that base on throughout the heat and humidity. This also applies to eye primer, and for anyone who deals with oily lids, it is an important step. Our favourites include the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($52 at Sephora) for all skin types, and the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Hydrating ($43 at Sephora) for normal to dry skin. For an eye primer, we'd chose the fool-proof NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base ($33 at Sephora). 

Know Your Foundations
In the hotter months, most people, myself included, prefer to reduce the amount of makeup that they wear. However, for nights out or for those who can’t go without a full face, we recommend lightweight but hard-working foundations such as the the Smashbox Studio Skin 15-Hour Wear Foundation ($48 at Sephora) for its sweat and humidity proof technology. If you prefer a powder formula, the NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation ($59 at Sephora) not only stays on all day but also goes the extra mile with UV protection.

When In Doubt, Gel It Out
Cream blushes tend to be longer wearing that their powder alternatives, since powder fades faster against sweat and oils. For even longer wear and a more natural look, stain blushes double as both a cheek tint and lip tint that wear all day. The MakeUpForEver HD Blush ($33 at Sephora) has a well-balanced combination of oils, waxes, and powders that help it last through all weather and on all skin types. For a sheer wash of colour, opt for the 12-hour wear of the Tarte Cheek Stain ($36 at Sephora).

Waterproof Is a Must
With all the sweating and humidity, I often find myself choosing not to wear eyeliner in the summer. But for those nights out, I find that the only way liner will stay on is if it is waterproof. For a gel-based liner, perfect for tight lining, check out the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner ($31 at Sephora). And if wearing a wing is a regular part of your makeup routine, switch it out for the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Liquid Eyeliner ($28 at Sephora).

Learn to Love Liquid Lipstick
The liquid lip is not only super trendy, but also extremely practical in the summer months. With its long wear time and water-proof capability (for some products), jumping on this bandwagon makes the most sense if you would like to avoid reapplying your lip colour every half hour. The Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips ($6 at offer a vast colour range as well as a lightweight, flexible feel that many similar products have yet to master. If you prefer a more natural look, consider wearing lip tints such as the multi-use Tarte Cheek Stain mentioned earlier.

All Set
If you’ve never understood the hype about setting sprays, you will now. A setting spray such as the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($17 at Sephora) works by slowly evaporating throughout the day to cool down your makeup, and therefore increasing its wear. Not every setting spray is appropriate for all skin types, so if you’ve got drier skin, the Make UpForEver Mist and Fix Setting Spray ($16 at Sephora) creates a sweat-proof barrier while offering hydration.

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Alyssa Manuel is our Senior Beauty Editor, as well as a mega-talented makeup and hair artist in Toronto.  Click here for a masterlist of her work with Couturesque.

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