Our First Look at Kenzo x H&M Is Here

Activists and artists wear a whole lot of tiger print.

After repeat sell-out collabs with Alexander Wang and Balmain, H&M has tapped Japanese-French luxury brand Kenzo for their newest capsule collection this fall.  Although we've known about the partnership for a couple of months now, we had yet to see what the collaboration would look like.  
UNTIL NOW.  Yesterday, H&M dropped three looks from the collection, modeled by activists, musicians, and writers who inspire the creatively motivated folks at Kenzo.  We're seeing a whole lot of tiger print, bold colours, and prints, all signature aspects of the cult-favourite designer label.  It also gives us a sneak preview of the type of ambassadors that we'll see promoting the line come launch-time; for example, model Amy Sall is an NYC-based student, activist, and founder of SUNU: Journal of African Affairs, Critical Thought + Aesthetics, and her cohort Juliana Huxtable is known as a DJ, artist, and poet.  The other models are Isamaya French, a makeup artist hailing from London, and performing artist Oko Ebombo.

The collection launches at 250 H&M locations starting November 3.

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