Your Guide to Copenhagen Fashion Week

We'll be there all week.

Twice a year, the fashion industry is buzzing with preparation and excitement for the event that is Fashion Week. While New York, London, Milan, and Paris are in the spotlight, Copenhagen also hosts shows from some of the hottest Scandinavian designers of the moment. Modern and playful, yet elegant, are what the Danes do best, and names like Ganni, Lala Berlin, Baum und Pferdgarten, Saks Potts, and Henrik Vibskov are favourites on the schedule.

Last year, Copenhagen Fashion Week got a stamp of approval from by having the official show photos published live on the site. In general, Copenhagen is climbing up the ladder for tourism as well as fashion, and we here at Couturesque are excited to announce that we will be covering Copenhagen Fashion Week for the first time this season! The Spring/Summer 2017 shows will be held at various historic locations around the city from August 9th-12th. To keep up with shows, street style, and snaps of the scenic cozy metropolis, follow Couturesque on Snapchat and Instagram (@couturesquemag).  

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Main image c/o Ganni, edit by Couturesque

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