5 Fashion Destinations to Visit in 2017

Dior by Maria Grazia Chiuri.
According to this year's top shows and campaigns.

Imagine: after all of the stress of the fall semester and finals week, winter break is finally here. Okay, probably not that hard to imagine, but picture dropping all of the usual pomp and circumstance this time of year brings and jotting off to a fantastical location.  Sounds relaxing, right? We all do the whole spring break and summer holiday thing, but a nice winter vacation is one of serious underappreciation. Luckily, fashion had a bit of a travel itch as well this year, breaking beyond the typical runway and print locals for a taste of adventure. From Chanel to Vogue, some of fashion's biggest names served up massive travel inspiration and severe winter break envy. So book a round-trip ticket for one on Daydream Air (or if you've got the dime and the time, then book a legit ticket) and follow us to the five destinations fashion fell in love with this year.

1. Cuba with Chanel

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With the historic opening of Cuba's borders, Karl Lagerfeld - king of the destination runway show - transformed Havana's iconic Paseo del Prado boulevard into a party only Chanel could throw. A perfect blend of the Caribbean country's classic bright 1950's nostalgia and the fashion house's trademark masculine/feminine aesthetic, the entire show was like the ultimate island party (which transitioned into an even more epic after-party in the city's old town Plaza de la Catedral). Christmas in Cuba? Yes, please.

2. Britain with Dior and Gucci

One legendary country, two very different, yet uniquely British, cruise presentations. French house Dior went all out with their two-day ultimate English retreat. Kicking things off on the eve of the show, the house hosted a festive dinner at their pop-up Lady Dior Pub, then the next morning guests were transported to Oxfordshire via the storybook-like Dior Express for the show at Winston Churchill's birth home, Blenheim Palace, capped off by dinner and high tea at the Mayfair club Loulou's.

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Meanwhile, over at London's Westminster Abbey, Gucci transformed the site most famous for royal weddings into a grand stage for its cruise show. Blending Victorian, punk, and London Gran, creative director Alessandro Michele picked up the classic British nods Dior left behind. Afterwards, the party moved on the down to the International House at 106 Piccadilly where Scottish 80s icon Annie Lennox fuelled the night.

3. Italy with Vogue

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Nothing takes you away quite like a good editorial, and Mario Testino's May 2016 Vogue spread featuring real life it-couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik gives us all kinds of feels. Not only do you fall in love with the sun-drenched Naples scenery, but - clad in Grease Sandy-meets-Danny vibes - you fall head over heels for the pair. Got a case of the winter blues? Just soak in these views.

4. Brazil with Louis Vuitton

Hands down the sleekest destination, the French house took its resort show to the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in for a razor-sharp futuristic presentation. With the iconic Rio landscape as its backdrop, guests were immersed in the underrated world of Brazilian modernism. The Parque Large mansion played host to a night-long drum driven samba after party.

5. Japan with Gucci

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After its English-soaked cruise collection, Gucci decided to head east for its fall 2016 ad campaign. Featuring such muses as Petra Collins, the images are shot in the heart of the Tokyo streets - both night and day. People, lights, and the hustle-and-bustle of the city move around the models as convenient subtitles let us in on the mood of the moment, and capture our imaginations.

Main Image via Gucci Fall 2016

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