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A creative renaissance is taking place in Italy, and it is important to pay attention. High-quality, fine craft, luxury, artistry; these are all terms applicable to the tradition of Italian fashion. The Fontana Sisters, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Capucci, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace were all groundbreakers in the manifestation and globalization of the reputation of Italian design and craftsmanship. Casual, yet refined elegance is the core of the Italian sense of fashion, of course with the prerequisite of good quality creations, and it stands as an opposition to the more formal traditions of Parisian fashion. 

Italy has had a huge influence on the history of fashion, so why is a revival of Italian design happening now? The roots are buried deep beyond the fashion industry itself. Italy is in the process of recovery from the recession, and for the first time in eight years, the country is showing signs of economic improvement. Tourism is increasing and the culture is flourishing, and as a result, Italy is gaining momentum in creativity and passion, sparking the fashion industry into a revival of originality and talent. There has been a change of atmosphere in Milan, where talent and creativity bloom with a renewed sense of purpose, and Milan Fashion Week is being embraced by a soulful city, seemingly eager and ready to reclaim its importance as a fashion capital. The established names are revitalizing, while making sure the new voices are being heard. More and more young talents from the Italian creative sphere are making names for themselves in the industry, and we’ve got the deets on the ones to keep an eye on.

Giorgia Tordini, Creative director and co-founder at The Attico

A photo posted by Giorgia Tordini (@giorgiatordini) on

Attico-designer Tordini’s style is crisp and classic, and her Instagram makes all your modern ~aesthetic~ goals come true. 

Gilda Ambrosio, Designer and co-founder at The Attico

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 Street style favorite Gilda Ambrosio is more adventurous than her co-founder of The Attico, but still embodies the same Italian effortlessness.

Eleonora Carisi, Blogger at JouJouVilleroy

 Recently featured on the cover of Grazia magazine alongside Chiara Ferragni, Carisi is one of the top fashion bloggers in Italy. Her clean and pretty feed will bring Italian inspo to your daily scrolls.

Vittoria Cerciello, Stylist and fashion director at Office magazine

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Vittoria shares artistic shots of her creative work as a stylist alongside nature snaps and the odd look at her personal life as fashion director.

Vito Fernicola, Photographer

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Paris-based, Italian-raised photographer Vito Fernicola boasts a client list that includes GQ and CR Fashion Book, and a friend group that includes all of the aforementioned influential Italian creative kids.

Giovanna Battaglia, Fashion editor at W Magazine and Vogue Japan

Professional editorials and playful personal style snaps are what fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia’s Instagram feed has to offer, and her behind-the-scenes snips from Fashion Week are perfect for the nosey souls out there. 

Main Image via @gildaambrosio

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