These Are 2017's Most Wanted Hair Trends

Perms are back for 2017.
Let a new cut or colour transform you.

The enticement to reinvent and reconfigure at the beginning of every year is as consistent as the sunrise. But should we criticize this temptation and trivialize it’s meaning to a simple “new year, new me” fad, or should we invite this emotion with welcoming arms, and allow ourselves to even further explore our identity in 2017?

I think we both know where I’m going with this. Style change can be achieved many ways, one being with hair. A new cut or dye can entirely change your look, and by extension, how you present yourself to the world. Whether it be with an unconventional chop to express your individuality and feelings about conventions, or by playing role as trendsetter and dying your hair an unexpected colour. For your inspiration, here are 6 hair ideas that we think will make big waves in 2017.

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Admit it, you’ve always wanted to try bangs. At some time or another, we've all desired the quick, impulsive thrill that comes with chopping off a few frontal hairs. D.I.Y.-esque baby bangs will allure us all this upcoming year, especially as we start to see more style influencers, such as Hari, demonstrate how such a simple trim can reinvent your look.

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Amandla Stenberg started 2017 off strong with a shaved and bleached head, and it’s my favourite look 2017 has offered yet. Amandla shaved her head for a movie role, explaining that “the story is about the experience of biracial children growing up in Nazi Germany. I shaved my head for the role. Feels really good. I feel so aerodynamic now. I’ve achieved ultimate speed. :)” If buzz cuts weren't already on the come up, Amandla has made sure that they are now.  My fave.


I predict that 2017 will mark the return of the pixie cut. This time around though, it will be a little looser, longer, and curlier. No more straighteners or shaved sides as 2017 gives way to chopped, boyishly charming cuts that add a level of happy carelessness.

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My prediction for the most popular dye for 2017? A brassy copper, in which our girl Laura has already been blessed with naturally. In the time where the ginger hair gene is receding, I think the rarity will make it a coveted look this year.

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As we see the 80s replace the 90s as fashion's new favourite generation (not to mention the popularity of throwback movies and TV shows like Sing Street and Stranger Things), it's about time that the era's biggest beauty trends have their own revival.  Naturally, that means perms will be all the rage.

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2015/2016 saw the rise in the grey hair trend, but 2017 is all about the paper white blonde. Yes, ok, it may completely destroy your hair...but hair grows back! Besides, the modern-grunge-skater girl look you’ll be creating will make it all worthwhile...right?

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Christine Bradshaw is our Junior Beauty Editor and the smart, witty elbow grease behind a lot of our photoshoots, topic ideas, and Snapchat stories.  Her social media handle is @c_braaadshaw.

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