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Couturesque is the website for critical-thinking creatives. We cover where fashion, beauty, and culture meet the human condition and the zeitgeist of not only today, but tomorrow.

We raise the bar in fashion media by viewing style through a unique, intelligent, interdisciplinary lens. Couturesque celebrates subverting the status quo, seeing what isn’t obvious, and writing your own rules.

Founded in 2014 by Tia Elisabeth Glista, Couturesque has always been run by and for young innovators.  Our staff is made up of dedicated students and artists committed to thinking differently about style and what it means today.


Tia Elisabeth Glista, Founder

Tia founded Couturesque when she was 15 out of a desire to carve out a more empowering space for young people in the fashion community.  She moved from Toronto to New York at 18 to study at NYU and intern at Vogue and ever since, has been pursuing her love of fashion studies and contemporary image culture around the globe.  She has interviewed some of the foremost names in fashion, art, and politics, and is now also exploring her love of filmmaking.

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Autumn Breeze, Editor In Chief

Previously the Fashion Market Editor and Jr. Fashion Contributor before that, Autumn has served as a contributor to Rookie, CollegeFashionista, and Odyssey. Her work is fuelled by a Céline Dion-level admiration for fashion, beauty, the arts, and modern culture along with a fascination for their impact and intersection with politics and social justice. Her free time is filled with consuming unhealthy amounts film, television, music, and coffee, casually making Vine references far too often, art, and writing. 


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Maya Kotomori, Creative Director

Maya is also a freelance model and writer. Sometimes they doubt your commitment to sparkle motion !


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Sarah Kearns, Deputy Editor

Sarah is the deputy editor of Couturesque. Originally from New York City, she is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her writing explores fashion’s reflection of identity and society, evolving role in the digital age, and influence on culture and politics. Outside of Couturesque, she is a student and works as a copywriter.

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Corinne Worthington, Managing Editor
Clio Reynolds, Fashion Editor

Clio Reynolds is the fashion editor at Couturesque. She enjoys writing, reading, and being a textbook Virgo. As she continues her studies in fashion communications in Toronto, you can also find her spending too much time on Instagram and too much money on skincare products.

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Taylor Warner, PR + Marketing + Strategic Partnership Director

Taylor Warner is our Public Relations + Marketing + Strategic Partnership Director. She is a lover of shopping, tattoos, and traveling, as well as graduate in Public Relations in NYC. She's a typical Leo and can be found cooking vegan food or listening to Khalid and SZA.

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