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French Women's Style Guide

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Whenever we mention style, usually the first thing that springs to mind is French women. They are constantly stylish and elegant, and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what do they have that makes them so effortlessly chic. Whether they wear an elegant evening gown or a casual day outfit, they always make it look so simple, yet elegant, like they’ve taken the first thing out of their wardrobe without much planning. In case you’re looking to change your style, here’s the French women’s style guide that will make you look stylish with only a bit of an effort.



First of all, why are French women so chic?

There are multiple answers, and they’re all correct in a way, but the main reason is that they prefer minimalism in every aspect of their personal style. They prefer minimal makeup and jewelry which in return, gives them a slightly understated yet super elegant look. They are so good at it, that they know how to make jeans look sophisticated. Compared to others who prefer everything big and over the top, French fashionistas love to keep everything low-key and unpretentious.


So, who are these women?

There are too many to name them all, but let’s start with Brigitte Bardot, an animal rights activist and a fashion icon. Her pivotal moment was when she decided to dye her hair blonde which brought her a whole new look and made her so well-known. If you don’t consider yourself a cute, but sexy bombshell like Bardot, other French icons to look up to are definitely Francois Hardy and Charlotte Gainsbourg. They defined eras and showed different ways a woman can still be sexy and stylish without being overly feminine. Other Frenchies to get inspired by are Vanessa Paradis, Clemence Poesy, Marion Cotillard and of course, the one and only Coco Chanel.


What do they do differently?

Let’s shatter one stereotype straight away: French women like to spend time getting ready, they just won’t admit it. But, instead of spending time doing makeup, they’d rather invest in quality skin care products, so they’ll skin will look radiant and fresh. When it comes to choosing clothes, they prefer to stay away from anything that comes across as casual, which means no leggins, jeggins, UGG boots, hoodies or sweatpants. These are OK, but only on Sundays when you’re working out or doing yoga.

Rather than buying push up bras, French women embrace small breasts and know how to make them look sexy. No French woman will ever wear a piece that has a brand name or logo visibly displayed as that’s considered tacky. When it comes to details and accessories, French women definitely adhere to “less is more” rule.



Now, which clothes or brands to wear then?

There are certain items that are considered must-have in every French woman’s wardrobe, such as the little black dress, a beige trench coat, straight leg jeans and a black silk button up shirt. These pieces are timeless, so they can be worn anytime and be matched with almost anything you like. For those who love casual chic, choosing something from Isabel Marant, Sonya Rykiel or Vanessa Seward is definitely a good idea. Other brands that you can check out are Musier and Sézane. Still, for those who prefer unique pieces that can be matched in different ways, feel free to check out Realisation clothing, a brand that has various styles to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find something for yourself. France is known for many things, one of them being fashion and style, so if you want to learn more, be sure to check various French fashion bloggers to get inspired.


In conclusion, if you have a personal style that is a bit different from French, remember that you should never sacrifice wearing your fave clothes in order to be considered elegant. Instead, use some advice from French fashionistas and try to adjust them to your everyday style so you’ll feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

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    Athleisure is a trend in fashion which is very popular at the moment. If you still aren’t sure what this trend is all about, let’s learn more about it! Clothing which is designed for workouts and any athletic activity can now be worn in other settings as well. For example, it’s totally acceptable going for this look for your workplace, and it’s ok to wear something like this at school, or for any other casual or social occasion. Compression apparel is a big part of athleisure, and now you’ll have a chance to read why it is so popular, what some benefits of this look are and even get some ideas for athleisure outfit combinations for both women and men! Why are compression clothes popular? Some say that compression clothes are so popular because this trend is driven by media. However, many like this look because it’s cool and more comfortable than some other fashionable choices; in addition, there are many other benefits of wearing this type of garments. It seems that people like compression pants and socks the most. Both men and women can pull off this look, but the most searched items at the moment are men’s compression socks . You can even see professional athletes wearing them all the time. Some benefits of wearing compression clothing Compression apparel is a big hit in 2019, but you should know that it actually comes with certain benefits. One of them is the fact that wearing compression garments provides better support, which also means it stabilizes our body parts during training. Furthermore, compression gear may be tight, but it’s quite breathable. These pieces are made to allow air circulation, helping us stay cool during exercise. These garments were also proven to be effective in eliminating muscle soreness . It doesn’t only happen when we wear them during exercise, but after our workouts too. Stretchiness is a prominent feature of compression clothing, so we can say it’s very flexible. We can exercise very safely, or do any activity for that matter. It provides comfort, and the best part is that it actually keeps us dry. It’s quite helpful when it comes to increasing our sports performance. Athleisure outfit ideas Athleisure is appropriate for all occasions, especially if we know how to make stylish outfits combining things that go together perfectly! There are many awesome ideas, and here are some suggestions! For example, you can wear a high neck grey sweatshirt with a cute metallic mini skirt. With your favorite sneakers and tinted sunglasses, it’s a very chic look! Or, instead of a skirt, those can be compression leggings! Both options are great for showing off your amazing legs! You can also try something like this: take your favorite tracksuit and pair it with a sleek trench and an on-trend pair of white heels. It’s peculiar, stylish and cool! People will definitely notice you. Another cool idea is to wear an oversized sweatshirt as a sexy mini dress. This can be combined with thigh-high boots and a belt bag that’s vibrant. You can also wear knee-high compression socks as a part of this outfit, but with ankle boots. Men who want to be trendy can wear tracksuits , combining them with their favorite sneakers. Anything that looks like it’s a leisure day for you is recommended! You can find amazing pieces that can inspire you to be your coolest self. How much do you like this new awesome trend? A great thing about athleisure is that it can be for anyone, so both men and women can look amazing while feeling comfy and relaxed. No matter if you are about to head to the gym to work out or you are going to a formal dinner, athleisure is totally appropriate for all occasions and you’ll be trendy if you go for this look!
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    Fashion trends change each year, and regardless of you following those trends, somehow the new styles sneak up on you and make their way in your wardrobe. Being masculine, which many men love to incorporate in their style, does not necessarily mean wearing only suits, shirts, and wide-leg pants. And here is how fashion has been redefining masculinity. Androgynous fashion Androgynous fashion is popular with men and women equally. It perfectly summarizes how we all have both female and male characteristics. Some of the examples of men's trends are floral prints on jackets, shirts, bathing suits, and shoes. Softer colors are not that far behind as the androgynous culture changes the way we see the color pink and makes it more than appropriate for men to wear it as well. Slim fit jeans, low cut tank tops, jewelry, and in some cases, heels and skirts are also some of the examples that edgy men have embraced. The way these trends redefined masculinity is by showing their gentle side, making them feel good in their skin, and even emphasizing their body and muscles. What's underneath Stepping out of the traditional frames when it comes to fashion means that there are no limits as to what a person can wear as long as it makes them feel comfortable and confident. One such example is men's sexy underwear , which has become a thing both women and men enjoy. Soft fabrics, cool prints, and supporting design are some of the reasons men feel masculine when wearing them, aside from being your perfect partner in the bedroom since your partner will notice what you've got right away. Bold designs and styles Some things stay the same, with only a few minor changes that are actually more than enough to create new styles and designs. A classic, timeless look is all -black , and it is always fashionable, elegant, and perfect for a confident man. Shawl collars, subtle detailing like embroidery or again flowers and slim fit designs give out the impression of a masculine style when worn in all black combos, while also following the newest fashion trends, which are not considered a traditionally masculine look. But you can see how well it works. Men's jewelry Jewelry is something that is traditionally associated with women, while men wear wristwatches, and maybe a wedding ring. However, more and more men start to wear jewelry , including chokers, necklaces, and bracelets, under the influence of fashion bloggers and fast-changing fashion rules. It can fit any style, and be fun and cool in a ghetto gold trend, manly when wearing a wire necklace, or you can stick to the basics, and try the pocket watch with a decorative chain. Footwear This time we are going to turn away from shoes and talk about the sneaker trends that men have come to love . Throwing away the clichés that all men's footwear has to be athletic, bulky and simple, new trends like flamboyant vibe, glitter, and decorated shoelaces, light colors like white and pink, and even colorful designs have emerged. This allows men to have fun as well mixing and matching them to their outfits, and enjoying the versatility they can get from them. For bolder men, male models and even dancers who pose in stilettos can serve as an inspiration for how a piece of footwear does not define who you are but is rather a means of expressing. Being masculine is not a huge, messy beard you grew, oversized clothing, and boots. It can be, if you want it to be, and you feel comfortable in it, but we must raise the voice for the new trends that help redefine masculinity by showing how it can hide in subtle and soft fashion typically associated with women.
  • traceycltn
    Oct 11

    We are actually very used to seeing articles on new trends for women, and it is probably for a good reason as the majority of the people who follow fashion are girls (or guys whose girlfriends are huge fashionistas). However, the time is here for guys to pay more attention to what they are wearing, and it seems that we are slowly getting lost in male fashion trends as well. Today, we present you one of the most popular, most common, and (honestly) the most handsome fashion styles for men of today: urban chic. What does this mean for a guy and how to incorporate it in his daily attire? Start with light-washed denim One of the things that every single trend, or basically look consists of, is denim. Yes, denim is one of t he most classic fashion trends of all time , and its inclusion in the urban chic trend doesn’t fall behind. However, in order to make denim more interesting, you can light-wash it just a little bit. If you have an old pair of jeans, this is something that you might be able to do by yourself. On the other hand, you can also buy light-washed jeans anywhere you go as it is a huge trend right now, as lighter shades of denim are equally fashionable and, most importantly, as versatile as the dark ones. Do not forget the accessories The urban chic design is all about being completely modern while giving the feeling that you didn’t plan to look so cool. This is why the use of different accessories is very much encouraged. You can wear rings, bracelets or even necklaces - all of these are good to go. Bear in mind, though, that the most popular accessory is the watch, so this is one thing that you should always include in your outfit. If you want to rock the urban chic style in the right way, make sure that you always opt for watches that have great quality and performance. To make it a bit more personal, you can always choose to buy high-quality custom engraved watches just to make your whole look a bit more interesting. Be as it may, a watch is a must-have accessory and you should have several for different events and occasions. Layering Another great thing in the urban chic style is the layering - this is what makes or breaks your final look. Layered outfits are always more interesting than plain ones, and this is what you should have in mind before you go out and buy something new. The most common pieces that you should own is a white tee that you will make more interesting by wearing a plaid or a denim shirt on top (unbuttoned, of course). In fall, this can be even more interesting as you get to add a leather jacket to the mix. In combination with your washed denim jeans and accessories – boy will you be getting some phone numbers. The game of socks Socks have actually been playing quite an important role in male fashion in the last couple of years. Not only was there the distinction between no-show socks and high socks, but there are plenty of colorful socks on the market that are making their way to the urban chic trend. Pairing your footwear and your jeans with funny socks is one of the top trends of the year . Not only is this acceptable on casual events, but it is also very popular on formal events as well. So yes, these are the key things every fashionable guy should know. These are also the small lessons that you should have in mind if you want to start being fashionable! Not difficult, right?

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