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The Best Accessory Trends of Fall 2019


Fall is a favorite season of many, especially when fashion is concerned. After all, fall weather and colors are perfect for layering and letting your creativity run free as you come up with different outfits. Everything has more oomph to it, from shirts to shoes. And, of course, the outerwear makes everything more special. But the biggest cherry on top when fall is concerned is definitely the opportunity to accessorize. And this year, the fall season will bring joy to many fashionistas, especially accessories-wise.

Vintage and retro scarves


Scarves are nothing new on the fashion scene, but the following fall season is about to let vintage and retro-inspired scarves shine. Even if you tend to wear solid colors, don’t miss the opportunity to spruce up your look with a plethora of colors vibrating from these nostalgic scarves. They’re perfect for various styles as well, from very stylish and elegant to more casual and sporty. And you don’t just have to wear them around your neck; try rocking them as a headscarf, a turban or maybe even a belt.

The chain is back!

When jewelry is concerned, many of you will be glad to know that chains are making a grand comeback this fall. From thick and chunky chains to thin and dainty ones, it’s all about mixing the elegance and bohemian spirit with a grungier and more alternative vibe. That said, there’s something for everyone, from gorgeous thread earrings to cool chain chokers. Just like the rest of the accessories, jewelry is all out-there!

Oversized bags




The bigger the bag, the trendier it is! If you’re looking for the perfect bag to complement your outfit this fall, keep in mind that size matters! Oversized totes and utilitarian styles are what fall season 2019 is all about. Not only is this a great way to have fun with your look as a large bag is bound to stand out, but the spaciousness will come in handy for the unpredictable fall weather, allowing you to carry your umbrella and scarf with you; not to mention that you’ll probably have enough space for your laptop as well.

Playful headbands

When hair accessories are concerned, it seems that this fall will turn the spotlight to headbands. As you can see, the retro era has a major influence on fall 2019 accessories. Fuzzy headbands definitely look like they’ll be at the top of the popularity list, but the available choices won’t disappoint. There will be a headband for everyone, so don’t hesitate to try one that you like even if you haven’t been the one for headbands before. You might be surprised.

Fall color scrunchies

Continuing with the retro vibe and hair accessories, where there are headbands, scrunchies are bound to follow! And this season you’ll be able to snatch them in beautiful fall colors. It’s time to end the era of boring and plain hair ties and let the scrunchies take the scene once again!

Funky hats


It seems that hairpieces are trending more than ever since the next fabulous accessory for this fall is all about funky hats. Of course, a beret will always look fashionable, but if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, get ready for some hat makeovers. Of course, you don’t have to wear something really extravagant if that’s not your style, but the stores won’t be filled with over-the-top hats either. Still, you can expect some tasteful and rather stylish upgrades to what you may be used to so far.

Striking eyewear

Just because it’s fall, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your eyes from the sun – and accessorize at the same time. Again, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s served as the inspiration for the eyewear designs as you’ll be able to spot truly striking and often boldly geometric sunglasses. And if that’s not enough pizzazz for you, you can easily grab some decorated with pearls and rhinestones, too.

There’s no reason to be sad as summer nears its end. Fall awaits in all its glory, muted colors and accessories to keep your mood bright and your style cool and fashionable. Don’t forget to organize your wardrobe and declutter accordingly in preparation for your own behind-the-scenes fall runway.

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    As your big day approaches, you are going to think about more things and details than you ever thought possible. Starting with your wedding dress and hairstyle, nail polish, makeup, flowers for your bouquet, shoes, and of course, jewellery. While for some, this might not be important, others know that it’s those different jewellery pieces that are going tie your dream wedding day look together. If you’re not sure how to find the perfect wedding jewellery, we’ve prepared a few guidelines for you. Perfect necklaces In the past, women wore strands of pearls on their wedding day because it was tradition, but these days they are much more creative with their necklace choices. With so many different necklines to choose from, it was only natural that necklaces will change accordingly. Brides in love with sweetheart necklines will look great wearing those strands of pearls and delicate necklaces with pendants, but if you’re thinking about a daring V neckline, it’s going to look better with a longer necklace with a big pendant. Brides who decide to wear a scoop neckline wedding dress will look amazing wearing a shorter necklace with pendants that add volume. Pearls reimagined We mentioned that pearls used to be worn by brides a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. On the contrary, there is something about them that makes them perfect for a bridal look – they’re elegant, delicate, and give that soft touch that makes women look and feel like princesses. They are romantic too – there’s no need to cut and polish them; they come perfectly formed and ready to be worn. That being said, more women are choosing to wear pearl jewellery that’s not really traditional – open rings, studded earrings, and simple pearl pendants are very popular. Eye-catching earrings Over the past few years, brides have replaced their delicate earrings with statement ones, and they seem to be as popular among wedding guests and bridesmaids too. Wearing large earrings will draw attention to the bride’s face and make her beaming smile stand out even more. Teardrop and chandelier statement earrings are among the most popular pieces of bridal jewellery in Australia , and they look particularly nice on brides who wear their hair in half updos or elegant buns. You can also choose to wear large hoops or drop earrings but make sure you coordinate metals and stones to the rest of your bridal jewellery. Beautiful headpieces Just when you thought that delicate tiaras are the only thing suitable for a bride to wear, beautiful, bold headpieces take the stage. Big headbands embellished with crystals, pearls, and flowers are wholly bridal and insanely glamorous, and they will make any bride look like royalty. What is more, they are also very practical because they help keep the hair out of the bride’s face and will add elegance to any wedding hairstyle too. They are incredibly popular in Spain thanks to various designers, but Buffuna Hats seems to be particularly popular among brides. Mixing vintage and modern If you don’t want to buy something that you’re only going to wear once, don’t worry – many brides are choosing to wear jewellery that’s not too extravagant that that can be worn on other occasions too. If there is a special piece that means a lot to you, you can find a way to incorporate it into your wedding look. You can build the rest of your bridal jewellery choices around the one piece that’s special to you and continue to wear it in the years to come. Your wedding jewellery should subtly complement your look, but if you’re a fan of bold and statement pieces, there is nothing stopping you from rocking them on your wedding day. If you’re a fan of subtle vintage pieces, you should try to make them work with your wedding dress, but you shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new if you feel like changing your style. Wedding jewellery trends are constantly changing, and you can easily find something that works for you.
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    The body positivity movement is growing by the day, and it has taught women of all shapes and sizes how to be proud of their body, and how to flaunt it in some of the newest trends. Since summer has a fashion that requires a lot of naked skin, here are some tips on how to look and feel beautiful with a few summer essentials. High-waisted mom shorts Thankfully, the high-waisted trend has been around for years now, and it is the perfect one for summertime. It flatters every figure because it makes your waist appear small, and accentuates your booty, and legs. Besides that, high-waisted, mom shorts go with everything, so you can wear it for daytime activities, beach trips, or even crazy nights out. Find the perfect crop top to go with it, and show your body proudly. Spaghetti strap tops During hot, summer months, comfort is our number one concern. So, picking pieces that make us feel comfortable, and light is a must. Spaghetti strap tops are the perfect item because they provide just that, but they also look very chic and cute. You can pair them with anything from shorts, and jeans, to skirts, and oversized pants. We recommend bright colors, or even prints like animal or floral since they have been pretty trendy in the last few seasons. The perfect bikini Everyone's favorite activity during summer is probably sunbathing on beautiful beaches, swimming, and just spending time by the water. This all requires good, quality swimwear. If you are wondering what style to choose, learn from Australian women, since summer comes there first, and they usually dictate the trends. You can find anything you want including gorgeous plus size swimwear in Australia that will make you feel confident and beautiful. One-piece, high-waisted, briefs, Brazilian briefs, triangles, padded, there is something for everyone. Slides Slides are back ! And the designs are cuter than ever. Finally, the brands have created comfortable footwear that provides support and looks very trendy. Classic black, brown, or brighter colors like neon, red, and orange are some of the choices. If you want them to stand out, and be that one piece you can create whole looks around, leopard print is a safe choice, or you can go for details like buckles, or pearls. Wear them for many different occasions with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Hair care Summer outfits and looks are normally light as we tend to be as comfortable as possible. That is why we can dedicate more time to our hair and skin. And not only that. Women's confidence is connected to their hair a lot. Besides, hot and humid weather, as well as salt, and water can damage it, so we can try to give it the best care, and make it shiny, soft, and beautiful. Make sure the hair treatments you use outside of the salon are lightweight, so they don't damage your hair, or make it look heavy and oily. They can help you detangle your hair easily, and care for it during summer months. Skincare and makeup You probably already know how important skincare is, especially natural skincare products that will help with acne, breakouts, and damaged summer skin. Clay masks, exfoliation, and face oils will provide the perfect base for makeup products. During summer, replace your heavy foundation with BB cream, use blush, and sweep it over your forehead, cheeks, and nose for a natural look. Don't forget eyebrow pencil, mascara, and a tinted lip balm to give you the fresh, no-makeup look, which is perfect for the summer. It is a great way to show off your tan, and feel super confident. Summer is all about interesting designs, bright colors, and comfortable items. We have suggested those that are also trendy, so if you are a fashionista, you can find the perfect ones for you, and create your own list of essentials for the upcoming summer.
  • traceycltn
    Oct 10

    Fall and winter seasons are always interesting and fun when it comes to new fashion trends and clothing possibilities. What’s more, these trends usually involve effective jewelry options as well. In that respect, your bling for the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 will allow for some really unique and effective pairings in order to bring your entire outfit to life. 1. Have fun with earrings It seems that earrings are taking the spotlight when jewelry is concerned this Fall/Winter season. And the more ear piercings you have , the better! A combination of minimal and delicate earrings with a more statement-like chandelier or dainty drop earrings is all the rage for the colder months ahead of us. And if you feel creative, the mismatched earring trend will definitely be right up your alley. Pearls and metals are definitely the go-to ear décor and you’ll be able to experiment with a bunch of different styles and designs. 2. Stack your rings There’s nothing wrong with wearing just one ring on your finger if you have your favorite. But, the good news is that the Fall/Winter trends for 2019-2020 are all about stacking your rings for a more unique and textured look. In that respect, if you like to mix and match different ring styles, this is the time to go for it! You can easily pair different metals as well, or add a bit more oomph with knuckle rings. Just make sure that you feel comfortable wearing your rings, especially when the time for wearing gloves comes. 3. Spice things up with a nice watch Watches have become so much more than just a means to tell time. These days, the trends are shifting towards watches that are true personality statement pieces. There’s a ton of different styles available on the market, from pearl watches, bangle ones, solid men-inspired watches, etc. Obviously, if you’re looking for top-quality, you can’t go wrong with fabulous Japanese watches that will complement every outfit perfectly. You can even start your own watch collection, for every Fall/Winter outfit idea you might like. 4. Elegant or extravagant chokers Chokers are still very popular in the fashion world, but Fall/Winter 2019-2020 trends are bound to bring something different. That said, chokers are now available in a plethora of different designs. Old-school 90’s-inspired chokers will still be available, but you’ll also be able to complete your look with elegant pearl and chain chokers for a softer look. On the other hand, statement chokers inspired by grungy and edgy fashion looks will also hit the stores, which means that the following seasons will cater to every style imaginable. 5. Layer your jewelry Just like you layer your clothes during the Fall and Winter months, it’s time to start layering your jewelry ! This is a rather simple yet very effective way to make an impact with your particular style. What’s more, the trend allows you to mix and match different types of jewelry, which is great if you can’t decide on just one piece to go with. That said, the already mentioned watches can look amazing when paired with bracelets. The same goes for multiple pairs of earrings and rings. And, when it comes to necklaces, pairing chokers or other statement necklaces with other longer, more dainty pieces will definitely elevate your style. Fall/Winter of 2019-2020 is the perfect time to embrace your individuality and style, not just when it comes to fashion but your jewelry, too! Don’t hesitate to show the world a bit of your personality through your bling and make these colder months brighter and shinier for a boosted look and mood.

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