What does a fashion photographer do?

Fashion photographers are the ones responsible for all of the photos that you see in magazines, editorials, advertisements, and catalogues. They work hand in hand with the Fashion and/or Creative Director to ensure the desired aesthetic look is presented in the final images.

Become a fashion photographer with these fashion career tips for young creatives.

featured: ella weisskamp, photographer/model

Location: Los Angeles

Instagram followers: 25K

Dream photoshoot: If was able to shoot with anyone, it would 100% be my idol Lara Stone. I grew up reading my mother's Vogue magazines and she was the first model that I fell in love with. She's broken so many rules and has stayed true to herself. Her face is out of this world - she's one of the first models that rocked gapped-teeth, bleached her eyebrows, [and] embraced her shape and size.