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Thanks to trendsetters like Pixie Geldof and Soo Joo, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that being a silver fox has never been cooler. It's even very possible that you've contemplated the whimsical allure of grey hair yourself. Well, ponder no more, because we have all of the tips and tricks you need to make this hair colour dream a reality.

  • Inspiration is key! Get busy on the wonderful world of Pinterest finding silver-haired gals with similar face shapes, complexions, hair types, and styles to you, so that you can be sure of the exact specs of what you are getting yourself into. Oh, and it's heaps of fun.

  • Find a hairdresser who is 'with-it.' That is, when you show them your carefully selected inspiration picture at the salon, they aren't going to be seeing the look for the first time and be puzzled as to why as you want to go granny-grey. This colourist should be up to snuff on what's trendy, or at least familiar with how to accomplish this kind of look.

  • It's all in the toner. At the hairdresser's, you will probably want to get a semi-permanent toner put in that combines the removal of brassy tones, and adds that blue-grey or purple-grey tone on top as well. If your hair is darker, it will probably be stripped and bleached prior to this. Be warned, you might have to sell your kidney to afford this process, so get familiar with your chosen salon's rates beforehand.

  • Any hair colouring is a turbulent process for your poor hair. Tend to those glorious locks and make the most of your trendy new colour sitch with treatments galore. We'd recommend a colour saving shampoo and conditioner to address the shade directly, in addition to moisturizing products like dry oils and leave-in-conditioners. Make sure everything you use is colour safe, of course!

  • Now it's time to flaunt the crap out of your new look. How does it feel to be the cool gal with silver hair? Take it all in. Your journey is complete.

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