• Christine


By now, you, I, and your best friend’s brother are all aware of the Korean beauty craze, and rightfully so. Personally, I admire Korean beauty because of it's philosophy based on maintaining the skin's natural radiance. I think what has drawn me in so much is the focus on making the face soft instead of bold; instead of using harsh contouring and bold smokey eyes, Korean beauty focuses on making the face soft and dewy, the eyes prominent and lighter, and the overall appearance more radiant from within. Korean women tend to use products that lighten their face to a dewy glow and make their lips resemble a budding flower. They use soft hues and slightly shimmery products to subtly, yet effectively compliment their features. Don’t get me wrong, a bold look can give you a quick way to feel like a badass, but there’s something about a natural look that is equally empowering. What's more is that using Korean products isn't about trying to make yourself “look Korean” or appropriate their culture for aesthetic purposes, but rather understanding the philosophy behind their culture's approach to beauty. Your face, along with everyone else’s, has it’s own unique beauty that you need to love. Although some Korean makeup trends are made for certain ethnicities (such as enhancing the aegyo sal, or cute under eye bags), the Korean beauty outlook can still be incorporated into anyone's personal routine.

Main image via @sola5532.

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