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At only 20 years-old, Marina Nery (@marinadnery) has already graced the cover of ELLE France, landed campaigns with Diesel and Miu Miu, and walked for Kanye West and Raf Simons. But what separates her from other models - aside from her eye-catching curls - is the personality and charm she brings to every project. She's down to earth, poised, and confident, and stands out because of it. I had the pleasure of meeting Marina at New York Fashion Week last month, and since then, we've been chatting a lot about what modelling means and how the industry is changing. This is what she told us about her career and what she believes in:

" My name is Marina Nery. I’m a 20 year-old Brazilian model. I started in the business when I was 16, and fell in love with New York City ever since I first arrived! Living in the city and traveling around the world whenever I get the chance, I’ve also [become] a restaurant expert and a part-time jeweler!

[Right now], I’m just working with clients and friends who want me in their shows, working with people that I know and projects that I believe in - it gives modeling a whole different meaning. I started modeling when I was 16 years-old, and it has given me the opportunity to experience so many different cultures and learn different languages. Most importantly, modeling helped me to mature and grow as a woman, to take responsibility and work hard at reaching my professional and personal goals.

When I started out modelling, I had no knowledge of the fashion industry. Luckily, I had the chance to meet with great people who know it inside-out, and I started to get interested and study it and understand it; fashion is a type of art, it is a form of expression, and inspires people to show their personality through their style. Fashion has always been about creating identity through clothing, it has built icons and produced eternal images.

Fashion icons became internationally-known, [but] now, models aren’t seen the same way. The business is so “crowded” that careers have become disposable. Girls starts too young and don’t have the same space to show their personality and print their mark as an individual. Back in the day, models' names were cited on catwalk and every girl had a signature pose, walk, look .... I want to see the return of the supermodels - girls that are well-rounded and professional with personality, beauty, style, and poise. Altogether, someone that we can actually use as a model: an inspiration of a beautiful person.

I have had to learn how to care about my body, how to express myself, and how to be a responsible professional. When you start as young as I did, it all seems like a dream, but in the end, it is a job like any other and needs to be treated as such. My mom is the most understanding person I’ve ever known. People are my true inspiration; learning, meeting and understanding people is what I’m passionate about.

If I weren't a model, I would be a jeweler. I find jewelry to be the most artistic part of a wardrobe, [and] most people have such emotional attachment to their jewelry. Thinking that I can make something so meaningful to somebody inspires me. In five years, I see myself in NYC [as a] better person who is able to help the ones I love.

Meeting people that are really passionate for the art of creating images that speak to people, and having my work recognized by people all over the world is what keeps me going. Be confident, believe in yourself, learn to appreciate yourself and be comfortable in your own skin - accepting who you are is all you need to be accepted and confidence shows. "

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