• Alyssa


Bangs have come and gone as the ultimate hairstyle-meets-accessory for decades. While some of us have been rocking the fringe since 1994 (paired with a bowl cut, no less), we are more than happy to see its return in 2016. Adding bangs can be the easiest way to change up your look, but we know that it can still be a struggle to find the right style and shape to suit your face.

We took some advice from our friends at Toronto hair hub Good Day Hair Shop, to help us help you find the most flattering fringe. "The soft lines of a longer, shattered fringe [are] universally flattering and are the best route to go when taking the forehead curtain plunge for the first time," says stylist Jaymi Van Horne. "For a more rock n' roll feel, the brow grazing blunt bang is the ultimate statement piece - drawing attention to the structure of the face and allowing the eyes to take centre stage." "People often worry about growing their bangs out but this is where the most fun can be had. Switching things up from a defined line to a jagged side-sweep (think Brigitte Bardot) can transition even the severest of bangs," she adds. "Whether you're looking for a big change, or just a little something to take the edge off, there is a fringe out there waiting for you!"

For those bold enough to attempt the DIY fringe, keep in mind these three things:

  1. Cut from the middle of your face and go outwards to avoid cutting too much hair. Take it slow!

  2. Cut from a vertical angle to create a softer feathered look.

  3. And always use proper hair cutting scissors (no safety or kitchen scissors!) You can find them at your local salon, drugstore, or beauty supply store.

If all else fails, just find your closest and most trusted hair salon for a quick fix! Those in the Toronto area, check out Kensington’s own @gooddayhairshop. Not only do they cut a great fringe, they can also tune it up for you. And when beauty trends move on to another hairstyle but you're still loving your bangs, not to worry - we know they'll be back again soon.

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