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Marc Jacobs always closes New York Fashion Week, so you know that he puts on a spectacle. This season's was one of his most moving of recent seasons, arguably because of the expansive, understated showspace. The clothes did the talking, as models like Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga (you read correctly) paraded in platforms, patent leather, puffy coats, and pussy bows. The collection built on Jacobs' current love affair with goth culture (see the dark Americana vibes from Spring/Summer 2016) and kept to a solemn palette with plenty of distressing and toughed-up sweatshirts, moto jackets, and oversized gangster coats. Francois Nars brought a little heavy metal into the mix by channeling Alice Cooper for the beauty look. Looks were tailored to each girl ranging from a messy smokey eye to a slick black lip. This bold take was paired with a natural and untouched complexion.

Hair was styled into a modern take of the iconic 1920s fingerwave that impeccably complimented the silhouettes seen in the collection. (Another theme reminiscent to Jacobs' recent work.) While the fingerwave isn't exactly DIY friendly, the dark lip trend is definitely something we can get on board with. And that gown we saw Binx Walton wearing.


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