• Christine


Sometimes, it can feel like a soft, clear complexion is the kind of thing that only exists in movies and magazines. No matter how many flashy new products may claim to prevent, treat, or hide pimples, the truth is that the only way to keep acne at bay is with good habits. Yes, a face mask or spot treatment can help you along the way, but building a routine that is kind to your skin and targets breakout triggers is truly the key to clearer skin. We dug through our extensive catalog of beauty knowledge to give you eight fail-proof tips to seriously kick acne in the butt. You'll want to go ahead and Bookmark this page right away, trust us. 1. Routine Hate to break it to you, but there’s no magic product to give you perfect skin instantly. A sure fire way to keep skin healthy and always improving is by sticking to a regular cleansing and moisturizing routine. Whatever you do, do it regularly. 2. Wash before bed I don’t care how tired you are, you’re going to feel 100x worse if you wake up with a greasy face and a few sore pimples. Treat yourself right - wash your face before saying good night. 3. Be gentle Try to only use exfoliators once per week, wash using your hands, and pat dry. Baby soft results should follow. 4. Don’t Pop It! We can’t always prevent getting pimples, but we can prevent getting acne scars and infections. Just don’t squeeze! Instead, spot treat it with a benzoyl peroxide product, tea tree gel, or just good old toothpaste! 5. Moisturize You may think that your oily skin doesn’t need it, but it does! In fact, skin actually often produces excess oils in order to counteract dehydration. 6. Not too Hot, Not too Cold Hot water scalds and dries out your skin. Cold water doesn’t open up your pores. Use warm water to achieve maximum cleansing power. 7. Good Health in General Regular exercise and a vitamin rich diet will give you better skin, hair, nails, personality, grades, and probably life. Just saying. 8. Get your glow from a tube Sunscreen is so key for healthy skin. It protects from dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer! Substitute a sun burn for bronzer - it's way less risky (and you can control it!)

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