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It’s probably no surprise that in the fashion industry, Instagram has become the new resumé. From illustrators to models, and photographers to bloggers, building your brand and career online has become essential; we’ve seen the fashion gods at Marc by Marc Jacobs and W cast major campaign stars on the platform, and last fall, Misha Nonoo swapped a traditional catwalk at fashion week for an “Instashow.” What some once saw as the hotbed for latté art has spawned a community of creative minds creating actual art. Couturesque caught up with Kristen Joy Watts (@kjww), who leads fashion and art for the Instagram community team, a self-described troop of “treasure hunters” that use the social media platform to discover and promote new creative talents. When she isn’t backstage at Paris Couture Week or putting on exciting events like this one (#eatdrawgram), Kristen revels in the inspiring personalities turning their Instagram accounts into works of art, and she took the time to share some of her favourites with us. “This list is but a small fraction of the amazing, inspiring young women who are telling their stories and changing the world on Instagram,” she says. From models who are redefining beauty standards, to an artist in Thailand who just collaborated with Gucci, these girls are serious #mustfollows.

@teeteeheehee "Teresa, who lives in Singapore, often embroiders portraits of friends who are having a tough time for her 'Sad Girls Club' series. She wants to show that sad can actually be rad."

@prinkasaraswati "I love the moody, mysterious images Prinka posts of friends in Surabaya, Indonesia."

@hvawilson "Harriet mixes sketches and artwork with photographs of Hobart, Tasmania."

@phannapast "The animals in Phannapast’s world have the best style, particularly when Phannapast is working with Gucci! She lives in Thailand."

@agnesvita "Agnes, a photographer who lives in London, is on a mission to show a wider spectrum of beauty than what is currently out there."

@iringo.demeter "Iringo is originally from Transylvania and lives in London. I love the way she captures details in unexpected ways."


"Londone, a model who lives in New York, does the best boomerangs."

@jilly_peppa "Jillian is a model and blogger who lives in New York and is signed with IMG. She also has spastic muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair (which she reminds us in an Instagram caption, "has a USB port. #dropsmic"). A must follow."

@jinaehan "Jina is 17, lives in Seoul, and has already collaborated with Stella McCartney."

@caxme "Cax is a Haitian native, now living in NYC and working as a model. She also has an incredible story as her leg was amputated 8 years ago, and she now treats her prosthetics as a fashion accessory. Her feed is absolutely gorgeous."

Who are some of the inspiring women you follow on Instagram? Use the hashtag #couturesquefollows and let us know! Couturesque and the Instagram art/fashion team are on the lookout to discover the next big talents in the community, and we’re eager to know whom you think we should be following.


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