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For Spring 2017, Acne Studios Creative Director Jonny Johansson decided to create a collection empowered by one of today’s most controversial statements: openness in a world with closed borders. “It is interesting to me that even though we live in a digital age with a free flow of information, there are many countries who want to close their borders. I prefer to focus on openness and looking out into the world,” explained the designer. Nowadays, the refugee crisis has caused a strong separation of opinions amongst Europeans. All of this was channeled through a very loose collection, which cued freeness and liberty. The oversized trend predominated throughout every look, with loose and breezy pieces. Byzantine patterns were present over rugs and knitted sweaters, and sleeveless dresses replicated Berber blankets worn over the head. Most of these motifs are found in Arabic countries like Syria. Another highlight is the denim dungaree, which is here to stay for another season. Looking back at Acne’s recent collections, the director’s main source of inspiration has been music, offering a more self-centered perspective. However, this season he ‘opened up’ and endorsed a progressive stance on current global affairs. Freeness is one of those concepts that only through the artistry of fashion can be approached in such a seamless way.

Images c/o Acne Studios


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