• Clio


It all started around five o’clock on Friday. The DJ (who happened to be the coolest gal ever) was playing the dream A.W. playlist featuring Beyonce, Drake, and Rihanna, while champagne and fancy hors d'oeuvres with names I couldn’t pronounce were being passed around. Here I was, standing in the middle of the Alexander Wang pop-up boutique in the freshly opened Toronto location of Nordstrom.

Now apparently, if you live in Toronto and are into fashion, you were at this event. You were either gawking over the the Alexander Wang Fall‘16 pieces on display, networking with fellow fashion lovers, or eagerly awaiting the man of the hour. And once he did show up, it was madness. The crowd surrounding the gated-off event was excited and growing. If you were in the boutique, you were working your way to the centre of the madness to catch a glimpse of the mastermind behind it all.

One might think that if you’re as big and influential as Alexander Wang is, you wouldn’t give ‘normal’ people the time of day, but that couldn’t be anymore wrong. He situated himself right in the middle of the crowd, happily talking about the collection, sipping his champagne, and taking pictures with anyone who asked.

When my friend and I *finally* worked up the courage to approach this fashion god, I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous as I had been in that moment, shaking and stuttering. (Major geek moment, I know). And this is the part of the story where I can confirm to you that Alexander Wang is in fact an amazing guy. I went up to him mumbling about him being an inspiration and his immediate response was, “Oh girl! Thank you!” He then proceeded to flip his hair and pose for a picture - staying until we had one that we both liked of course.

After some final words and drinks, he took time to take pictures with people outside of the event as well. After he was gone, everyone was left with the utter feeling of coolness that Alexander Wang evidently brings wherever he goes.

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