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British e-store Conflict of Ego makes a point of advancing self-expression in everything that they do, which is why they have collaborated with artist Alexa Piqué on a capsule collection that celebrates the female body. The 2-piece range, featuring a slip dress and a button-up, depict artwork inspired by "The Self-Love series" by Piqué. "The Self-Love series was created during a time in my life when growth was crucial. I began a journey which was focused on myself, on my power, my intuition, my dreams, my reality. I realised that nothing else could exist the way I wanted it to without the ability to love myself. Each illustration was created during a time of realisation, of truth, of a new-found respect for who I was deep inside. They are imperfect “selfies” that depict key moments of growth and confidence in my life," explains the artist.

Alexa Piqué is the first to collaborate with Conflict of Ego since they launched their brand just four months ago. The fashion outlet is inspired by girls who are "utterly unapolagetic and self-empowered" and hopes to involve a wide network of socially savvy female creators in their projects going forward, fusing fashion with other artistic domains. For this collaboration, COE describes the clothes as appearing "almost as a diary in the form of art illustrations." Made entirely from silk, the collection hinges on vulnerability, intimacy, and self-actualization. Pieces from COE x Alexa Piqué are now available to shop at conflictofego.com.


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