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In the early months of the new year, we often spend a lot of energy looking forward, and sometimes forgetting to appreciate the past. Nostalgia is often a critical theme in fashion, and it is captured here by Ontario photographer Susannah van der Zaag. She says: "For me, this shoot was all about recontextualizing this familiar, hometown space. We shot at my family's potato farm, using a few different properties. The location came first, and we allowed each space to inform our decisions about styling and mood. A farm is a very industrial and functional space, and I wanted to infuse a bit of fantasy into that and focus on the magical moments at the edge of a field. It was also important for us to use as much vintage as we could and be sensitive to the fast fashion industry. Something that weighs really heavily on me is how to be a creative and produce something meaningful, that doesn't contribute to this quick turnover consumerism. We picked up as few new things as we could, and tried to get creative by borrowing baggy jackets and big boots from boyfriends, using inherited pieces from grandparents, and turning jackets inside out."

Photography: Susannah van der Zaag (@susannahvanderzaag) Styling: Carrie Mitton (@carrieem) Makeup: Emily Iwamoto Model: Mikayla at Spot6 Management (@mika1as)


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