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Maybe it's a sign of the times, but fashion is experiencing a particularly significant wave of unabashed displays of social consciousness. Everyone's got something political to say, and the latest collection from Dior was no exception. This new era of Dior under the helm of Maria Grazia Chiuri made it clear right out of the gate, it's all (or at least mostly) about one thing: unapologetic feminism.

With models donning leather berets harking back to those worn by the strong women of the Black Panther movement and many wearing their designer handbags like ammo sashes, this blue-hued collection was filled with powerful touchstones from each pivotal decade in the history of women's equality: WWII Riveters, 70's first wavers, 90's Riot Grrrls, and the Nasty Women of today, all without losing the elegance that is signature Dior. Stiff denim utility worksuits shared space with classic taffeta skirt suits and ethereal tulle bustier dresses. The practical and glamorous, the heavy and light were in constant juxtaposition. Tartan, wool, velvet, and cosmic midnight motifs were accessorized with heavy boots (some thigh-highs) and thin black chokers. Bottom line, Dior's message was as clear as the message proclaimed on the frontlines of the Women's March: the women of 2017 are ready for a fight.

Images c/o Dior/Imaxtree


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