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We're calling it - it's time to take a break from all of the exhaustive studying we know that you've been doing. You shouldn't punish yourself or feel guilty for needing to have a rest from all of that hard work, but sometimes looking to social media for relief can get a little bit too distracting. Instead of looking at pictures of brunch or your friend on vacation (right now? how the...?!), we recommend getting some creative inspiration from these accounts that we just followed. Witty, inventive, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind, scrolling through their feeds is exactly the break you might be in need of.

Who: @delaney_allen

What: Photography, specifically amazing pastel nature photos that capture the sky and the ocean in beautiful detail.

Where: Oregon, USA

Who: @jooleeloren

What: The most relatable, hilarious cartoons on the 'gram. She's also a womenswear designer for J.Crew.

Where: Brooklyn, USA

Who: @_sabrinasantiago

What: Fashion photography and short clips of Super 8 sure to make you nostalgic for hot summer days on NYC rooftops.

Where: New York, USA

Who: @radioshead

What: Did someone say subversive??? This collage artist is mixing it up on the great master artists.

Where: Unknown

Who: @newyorksunshine

What: Insanely cool art featuring a lot of installations, video, water, and basketball hoops. Oh, and they make t-shirts and collaborate with Virgil Abloh.

Where: New York, USA


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