July 2, 2019


For the five years running, Couturesque has anticipated, celebrated the freshest voices and faces, and taken the temperature of the modelling industry with our annual Model of the Year Awards.  After receiving thousands of votes in last year’s contest, we crowned Fran Summers, joining MOTY alumni Halima Aden (our youngest ever winner), Imaan Hammam, and Taylor Hill. 


The Model of the Year Award recognizes a model who has had a breakout year and takes into consideration the range of clients and projects that they booked, including editorial, commercial, and runway, as well as their civic and social media presence (not just number of followers – having an individual expression is worth more in our books). 


For MOTY 2019, we’re not interested in rewarding typical names or faces or scion, but rather recognizing those who are putting in the hustle, grinding day in and day out, and bring their unique personality, energy, and voice to the fashion industry.  From reintroductions to fresh rookies, these models are more than just pretty faces.


Click below to meet the 10 nominees and vote in Round 1, where we’ll determine the top 3 names to compete for the *coveted title* July 16, 2018.






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