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Although when it comes to clothes, 80s might be the new 90s, the pre-millennium decade still has a hold on us when it comes to accessories. This season's lust for the rectangular, grungey frames of the 90s is apparent from the Instagram feeds of just about any fashion influencer and we also saw a lot of it on the runways too. The nostalgic trend makes me think about lootbags at 90s/early 2000s birthday parties, or the Olsen twins in just about any of their twin-heist-movies. The perfect pair of sunglasses can be illusive, however, so we've made a quick guide to some options that you might like.

High End

If you like to invest in your glasses and make sure that they will hold up from daily wear and tear, getting tossed around in your handbag, or have proper UV protection, there are a couple of options you might like. The pastel, very 90s Acne Studios George glasses are bound to become a hit with the fashion set in no time. We also love cruelty-free, vegan accessories designer Poppy Lissiman for a slightly lower price point; particularly the Le Skinny glasses for $125 and her take on the Kurt Cobain style with the Dakota glasses for $110.


If you're anything like me though, and you lose or break a few pairs of sunglasses every couple of months, you might want to go for something a little bit cheaper. I had luck with this black rectangular pair from ASOS for $19, but the arm did snap off after about 2 months. Also, if you've been itching for a pair of the sold out (and pricey) Adam Selman x Le Specs glasses that just about everyone was rocking this spring, this $38 pair from Topshop is the closest you will can find right now, and they come in 3 different colours.


Close the loop! In this linear economy, all of our products are designed to end up in a landfill, and so shopping vintage or secondhand - especially for products that are from a bygone era - is a much more sustainable option. Try Sunglass Museum for a plethora of different 90s styles with coloured lenses, mostly all under $20, KStar for mint-condition pairs from the early 90s for between $20-25, and Giant Vintage for anything and everything from round Kurt Cobain styles to oval and rectangular shapes as well (they literally have anything you're looking for). You can also hit up your local thrift store, vintage shop, or Etsy.


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