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"I first discovered the power of clothes when I was a small child. [I] can't remember the exact age, but at a young age I remember wearing my mom’s lingerie with some high heels and I just felt empowered walking the hallways of my house as if it was Paris Fashion Week with my look.. Through that I was able to experiment with my clothing and figuring out my identity.

I would describe my personal style as random, but still chic. I don’t limit myself to one style, instead I decide my style with what I have access to and how I feel that day. One day, I could feel super goth and then the next day I could feel like a cowgirl. So, it’s random but keeps you guessing.

“Style”, to me, means, ‘How do you want to express your gender that day?’ One day, you may want to present more masculine, some other days femme, or maybe both.

When it comes to people that inspire me, it would be trans femmes/womxn like Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia River - who came before us and opened the paths for us queer/ trans folks, and people that are currently with us like Indya Moore, Michaé Pulido, and my chosen mother Eve Xelestíal Moreno-Luz - who are continuing the labour of our transcestors and opening new paths for the queer/trans youth while still looking stylish. Other stuff that inspires me are the Virgin Mary, cherubs, and anything ethereal, because I grew up surrounded by that living in a low income neighborhood. So I constantly get images like that in my area. All this links with my personal style on different levels.

What excites me most about fashion is the attention/reactions, because I’m such a Leo. I love seeing someone gauging my looks or being repulsed by it, because they don’t understand fashion.

My approach on dressing myself is [first] seeing what is clean, something that shows skin, but still somewhat comfortable. Some essential items [in my wardrobe] are a good platform shoe - specifically right now are my Jeffrey Campbell shoes called “Venom” - because I need some height (I’m a short person in IRL) and a good jacket especially right now in this CA weather. My favorite right now is my cobija jacket from Equiha Official that is super warm and has the beautiful Virgin Mary on the back.

I feel the future of fashion and personal style, in relation to the greater cultural narrative, is [where] folks are going to not worry about the gender of clothes [and] instead wear whatever they want and just be really creative about it. I do believe that Instagram has changed the way we see ‘aesthetic’ and ‘personal style’ by giving access to folks that are people like me, who are marginalized folks, [a place] to express their style.

[What] I would say to those young folks seeking to define their own style is that you will go through phases to figure what is “you”, but remember, don't put yourself in one style of clothing. Just be open-minded and wear whatever makes you feel that fantasy.

The concept of “rebirth” means, to me, someone who is willing to rebrand themselves and constantly adapting their style. [They] are constantly rebirthing/evolving as a person, with [their] style included, in order to stay relevant and fresh."

–as told to Couturesque

Images via @bbsatan666

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Style Profiles is a series that highlights the unique sartorial outlook of our favourite creatives who share their personal style on social media.

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