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Our recent rebranding hasn't been the only #couturesquesecretproject that we've had in the works; for the past 10 months, we've also been prepping for Couturesque's debut in print!

Our first zine project - to be released this summer - will chronicle all of our feelings about beauty, from the beauty industry, to our personal meditations, to interviews with game-changing individuals who are redefining how we understand this topic in 2017.

In addition to our own original content, however, we want to give you the opportunity to flex your creative skills and tell us about what this topic means to you. We're looking for written submissions that think critically about beauty; this could range from body image, to representation in the media, analysis of the modern beauty industry, self-esteem, or your personal or cultural relationship to hair and makeup - the sky is the limit.

Submissions must follow the guidelines below and must be emailed to assistants@couturesquemag.com no later than July 17, 2017 with "BEAUTY ZINE - Your Title/Topic" in the subject field.

1. Please do not submit any previously published work - whether released on your social media or other editorial platforms - as we accept original content only.

2. Please ensure, to the best of your ability, that you have spotless grammar and spelling; while we comb through all pieces for edits, we cannot spend hours reworking oodles of grammatical errors or unedited swaths of text. We also ask that you pay close attention to the kind of writing and images that we share on the site in order to better understand our tone.

4. We can only accept work from those over 13 years of age, and you must sign a parental consent form if you are under 18 (if chosen for publication).

5. Depending on the volume of submissions, there is a possibility that we will be unable to contact you if you are not chosen to be published. If you don't hear from us within a month of submission, it's safe to assume that we cannot go forward with your submission.

6. If we accept your work, you agree to have it edited and workshopped for our team. You will get one chance to look over the final piece before it is published and may be consulted regarding the accompanying imagery. At that point, your submission must be guaranteed to be unique to Couturesque and cannot be re-submitted elsewhere.

7. We can cancel or remove your submission at any time.

8. For our safety (and time) considerations, we cannot accept pieces sent via an Internet link or downloadable file. For writing, please put your piece in the body of the email.

9. Please include your full name, name as you would like it to be published, phone number, and country at the top of your submission e-mail.

Love to write and take pictures? We also take submissions for our web content over here.

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