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The 1970/80s are having a serious revival. It could be for its penchant for gender fluidity, or the eerily familiar time of political unrest, or even its cultural zeitgeist as a whole. Any way you spin it, the looks of these decades are making their way onto our moodboards and into our closets. Fuelling this inspiration is one pantsuit pioneer and disco queen in particular.

In May of 1971, Nicaraguan native Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias married Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger in a not-so-private ceremony in Saint-Tropez. Dressed in a custom white Yves Saint Laurent blazer and skirt, wide brimmed sun hat, and sheer décolletage draping veil, the newly minted Mrs. Bianca Jagger firmly positioned herself atop the mountain of fashion's elite. But that was only the beginning. For over four decades, Bianca has cultivated a bold, unique, devil-may-care sense of style - one that remains as relevant in 2017 as it was back then.

By day, Bianca's style was all about strong, structured suits; nearly all designed just for her by dear friend YSL. Then more boxy and 'masculine,' the better. Think crisp whites, jackets double-breasted or belted at the waist, high-waisted flared bottoms, and extra wide lapels. And at night – as her backstage pass accessorized her platform heels at a Stones show, or, while donning Halston and Manolo's, she was carried around the dance floor of Studio 54 atop a large white horse – Bianca remained a tour de force. A matching red sequinned beret, cape, and halter gown, a velvet chocker/corseted ball gown combo, plunging necklines, furs and silks, turbans, and gold lamé - her nighttime looks were far-ranging and bold, and her glamour? Limitless.

Flash forward some 40 years and the now activist/humanitarian continues to inspire. Look to Saint Laurent's Fall 2017 show, as lé smoking suits, deep, deep necklines, bold structure, and sequins for days littered Anthony Vaccarello's collection. Maybe it's due the strength of the late YSL and Bianca's relationship, but the spirit of her disco drenched days radiates throughout the muted palette of blacks, silvers, and blues.

It can be so easy to get caught up in Bianca's je ne sais quoi, but what is too often overlooked is exactly how much her style informs us about the person she truly is. Without her strength of personality, pure individuality, intelligence, and consistently fierce proclamations of independence, her style just wouldn't be the iconic touchstone it is today. Regardless of the current fashions, Bianca's spirit - and in turn her style - will defy time.


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