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As a journalist, documentary filmmaker, model, and young human being existing in 2018, Billie JD Porter has a lot to say about where we find ourselves socially and politically at this moment in time. Working at the intersection of pop culture and politics, 26 year old Billie has done everything from staging massive demonstrations against Brexit, hosting a music documentary series for Channel 4, running a nationwide campaign to promote youth voter engagement in the UK, and travelling the world as an on-camera reporter for BBC. She began reporting when she was just 16, and she has provided massive news outlets and magazines with a much needed youth point of view throughout the duration of her career.

For our POLITICS issue, we caught up with Billie from Los Angeles, where she is currently shooting her first feature documentary (she tells us it's "about the conflict between religion and sexuality") and discussed the power of the Internet and storytelling, and why - in the wake of deeply distressing political events - this is a critical time to recognise the power of youth.

Video & Interview: @tia.elisabeth

Follow Billie: @billiejdporter

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