August 2, 2017

Heavy bottom lashes is the seductive look that is trending as we approach the hot, long days of midsummer. A look dating back to the swingin’ sixties, underground beauty communities today have picked up this trend for themselves and made it anew by pairing it with glossy lips and soft filters.


The look originates from the time when beauty icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and most of all, Twiggy would glue on falsies to make their eyes appear larger and more dramatic. Since then, heavy bottom lashes have been used time and time again on runways, in editorials, and everywhere in between to create a seductive, doe-eyed look.


There are several ways to achieve this sultry sixties look. You can glue on single falsies all along your bottom lash line or just use several heavy coats of mascara. For a more dramatic rendition, you can even paint on lower lashes using a thin brush and a pot of eyeliner.






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