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"Hola! My name is Camilla and I am from a small town in a smaIl country - Denmark. I work for a Danish brand called Saks Potts.

My personal style is colorful. Somehow I think that colors make people smile a little extra. On a daily basis my way of dressing is definitely instinctual. Like most other people, I sometimes feel like being all dressed up, wearing a long funky dress and a colorful hair clip. Other days I do not leave my pajamas, even if I spilled coffee in the morning... However, my approach to dressing is very calculated when I am on holidays. If I am travelling I love to know exactly what I will be wearing each day.

I am sure that I get inspired by everything and every atmosphere around me: Nature, art, Instagram, coffee shops, and the nice older lady I meet every morning on my way to work. I think travelling inspires my sense of style the most. Other cultures and ways of dressing is always fascinating me. To me style is a way of expressing myself visually to the outside world.

The key pieces will be my patterned vintage dresses, my beloved Saks Potts coat and my extremely old sneakers. I love vintage shopping. I literally spend hours in vintage stores to make sure I have seen every single tiny dress in there. I love the idea of finding something unique.

What I find most exciting about fashion is the diversity. I believe that fashion is defined differently across countries, cultures and individuals and I think there is room for everyone to express and define their own perception of fashion. For me it's amazing that we are inspired and influenced by each other all over the world."

–as told to Couturesque

Style Profiles is a series that highlights the unique sartorial outlook of our favourite creatives who share their personal style on social media.

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