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Sometimes - especially in the summer heat - it can be nice to ditch your makeup routine (if you have one) and swap it for just moisturizer and eyebrow gel. That being said, it can also be a little bit limiting if you also like to use makeup to express yourself and be creative. Here are 5 simple but totally cool, experimental ideas for injecting some more colour and style into your look.

Bright and Balanced

Concept: asymmetrical eye makeup. Yes, you heard correctly. Pair back the rest of your look with clean skin and a neutral lip, then go to town with your brightest cream eye shadow.

Go Green

Trust us when we say that green eyeshadow is really becoming a thing. This half-moon eyeliner option is a good gateway option though, before you try out the full lid.

Sunburnt (Sort of)

For our most recent beauty shoot, makeup artist Alyssa Manuel created a look that captured the essence of summer in more than one way; inspired by the pinky inside shade of a grapefruit, she dusted our model's cheeks and nose with blush in the shape of a sunburn, evoking warmth, youthfulness, and a flushed je-ne-sais-quoi that was experimental but still paired down. See all of the pictures over here.

Not Your Mother's Red Lipstick

Or maybe you have a really cool mom and it is. Who know? Either way, we're digging this subtle but eye-catching take on a classic lip.

Mixed Mascara

We've all seen the arrival of coloured mascara - even at the drugstore - but have you thought about pairing it with a) your regular black mascara, or b) another colour?

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