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We've all been there - standing in front of the wardrobe, already 15 minutes late, and miffed as to find some exciting new way to rearrange your look for the day. Between that and the chaotic experience of aimless shopping trips, fashion can become something of an existential burden instead of the fun, expressive activity that it should be. Thanks to the Internet, we now have far more tools at our disposal to categorize and organize our fashion ideas and figure out what inspires us, but at the same time, the volume of #OOTDs and blogs out there can be terribly overwhelming as well. We want to know where you get your fashion ideas from over on our #CouturesqueCommunity forum, but first, here is where I get mine.


Major claps for the person who conceived of the "Collections" feature on Instagram, where you can now save your favourite posts into organized folders. My "Outfits" folder is now bursting at the seams and I'm thinking of dividing into seasonal categories as well. Some of my favourite accounts to stalk for outfit ideas are: @stephaniebroek, @blancamiro, @alwaysjudging, @maria_bernad, @elianagilrodriguez, @_chicadeoro. (The #couturesquelooks tag is always good, too!)


This one might seem obvious, but I find Pinterest really useful for saving fashion ideas that span "genres," so to speak. So while I do have a typical "Outfits" board, which features mostly street style and IG pictures, I also have a board dedicated to fashion icons, or individuals whose fashion sense as a whole - not just their clothes, but their overall essence - can serve as an inspiration. Think Debbie Harry, Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, Lana del Rey, HAIM, Solange, Rihanna....

Art History

While this form of inspiration relies a little bit more on the imagination or on picking up subtle details than direct reiteration, it is certainly fun. Reading in a gown by a pretty French lake is a serious MOOD for this summer.

Monet, "Mujer leyendo, 1872"

Since we are always looking for new accounts to follow or fashion subcultures to celebrate, we want to hear about where you get your fashion ideas. Head over here to our new Community boards to tell us about your favourites, and we swear, we will totally check them out.

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