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When it comes to beauty ideas, we turn to many sources to get our inspiration - the runways, magazines, movies, Instagram. However, we might not always consider some of the everyday sources of beauty in our lives that evoke rich textures and colours ripe (no pun intended) for our makeup palettes - like fruit. This summer, we scoured our local grocery store for some of the freshest fruits of the season and set about creating a menu of creative beauty looks inspired by what we found. The results? Juicy, bright, unique, and oozing with colour.

"We wanted to incorporate the textures and colours of the corresponding fruits, while keeping the overall looks minimal, and keeping the skin natural, fresh and dewy," says makeup artist Alyssa Manuel. Radiant skin, beachy waves, and a rich statement lip or eye prove that the most beautiful ideas really do come from nature. Click through the slides to view each look and read about how we created them.

Photos by Susannah van der Zaag (@susannahvanderzaag)

Makeup by Alyssa Manuel (@alyssmanuel)

Styling & Creative Direction by Tia Elisabeth Glista (@tia.elisabeth)

Starring Amelia, Elite Toronto (@amelia_meredith)

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