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Hey, I'm Tia and I am the Editor in Chief and founder here at Couturesque. We're starting off 2018 with a new series that lets you get a closer look at us - the staff behind this publication who write, shoot, design, inspire, and create everything that we do. Spend the morning getting ready with us and learn more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Meet Tia Elisabeth Glista (@tia.elisabeth). This is how she gets ready in the AM:

On what she does at Couturesque: "I started Couturesque when I was in grade 10, back in 2014, because I didn't relate to a lot of the fashion publications targeting young people like myself. My role as Editor in Chief is first and foremost to make sure that we are fulfilling our intention to provide our readers with useful, interesting, intelligent, and original content; this means assigning and working with our team of writers on everything you see published here, plus directing photoshoots and helping frame our social media direction. I also spend a lot of time~ surfing the web~ for cool creatives to interview or feature and I designed the site basically from scratch, so I wear many hats (read: am super bossy)."

On where she sees her career heading: "I want to be a multimedia creative with an emphasis on writing, but also dabbling in hands on stuff like video and photography. My focus will probably remain fashion, but I always remain close to topics relating to feminism and gender and occasionally politics and popular culture. I want to edit a magazine (hopefully this one), shoot campaigns, and direct music videos and films. In a dream scenario I would also host a documentary series."

On what her favourite thing about contributing to Couturesque: "My staff are the best part! Getting to know young writers from all around the world who are inspired by what we do and being a part of their journey to establish their voice is incredibly rewarding. Also hearing from students who have written about us in school projects or presentations - that is so flattering."


Most meaningful song: "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac because it makes me think about how I am growing and the ways that my life has changed as I am spending most of the year travelling and away from the home that I grew up in.

Place to travel: France.

YouTube video:

My QUEEN Deborah talking smack about nuclear war in 1976.

Inspiring quotation: "Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent." - Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Role model: Emma Watson (I'm genuinely the biggest Harry Potter fan you will ever know).

Best vintage or thrift find: A lemon-coloured hard shell purse, very 60s, with loads of compartments at a vintage by the kilo store in Mitte, Berlin (it's in the video! Peep it at 2:43).

Show to binge watch: I'm an OG fan of The Office, but honourable mentions include The West Wing and Stranger Things.

Snack food: Terry's Chocolate Oranges (or homemade smoothies - if I'm feeling like actually looking after my body).

Artist: Cy Twombly, Henri Matisse, Christine Woodside.

Skill, characteristic, or trait you’re most proud of: My naïveté and idealism.

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