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Last month, we spoke a lot about self-comparison in an effort to better understand the relationship between fashion and the body. Decoding our beliefs about fashioned (and fashionable) bodies reveals a lot about the culture of the industry, and our habitual classification of "good enough" and "not good enough."

Changing paths slightly, but still in the spirit of this critique of self-comparison, we're talking about #Goals this month. Thinking optimistically, what are our goals for our future and how can we realise them? Who are the talented people making it happen and how the heck do they do it? From essays to interviews, we will chronicle the stories of those who dream big and then hustle to make it all come true.

We also want to shine a light on what our #Goals should be as an industry - for sustainability, labour protection, inclusion, and justice. Industry pundits like to talk a lot about feminism and diversity, but where are we at in terms of actually affecting the hierarchal structures of the industry that make bank from exploiting and abusing women and people of colour? And how we go from theory to practice?

Most obviously, however, the hashtag "#Goals" itself connotes a kind of envy that we've all seen grow out of social media, in which the appearance of someone else's life seems vastly superior to our own. Whether it's #friendgoals, #hairgoals, #careergoals, #couplegoals, or #bodygoals, this saying crops up again and again in situations where we feel inadequate because of the disjointed nature of social media. Not feeling "good enough" has become a hallmark of our generation, who suffer from anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions in spades; surely, this isn't a coincidence. We'll be diving in to how #Goals are constructed, how they reify certain breeds of misogyny, racism, and classism, and strategies for sorting out what kind of admiration is healthy and when you need to tune it out.

As Editor, my "goal" for this edition of Couturesque is to create content that makes you think critically and that prompts you to feel inspired in some way - to pursue your career ambitions, make something cool, become more engaged in your community, advocate for change, or start to treat yourself and others with more love and attention. That's our idea of #Goals - and it always has been.

Much love,

Tia Elisabeth Glista

Editor in Chief

P.S. We're accepting original submissions over here.


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