July 6, 2017


Whether it's a vintage collector's item, your college sports tee, or merch from your favourite band that you queued for, graphic tees have a home in almost everyone's wardrobe, and very often, they also hold special places in our heart.  They're the perfect nostalgic piece that adds a playful dash to any outfit, and the last few years have seen the common graphic tee go haute with designers like Vêtements and Alexander Wang bringing them into the mainstream fashion landscape (not to mention the iconic 90s Gucci bootleg that everyone has been wearing lately).  


While the tried and true way to wear your favourite t-shirt is with a classic pair of jeans (or jorts, lol), we also have a few other tricks up our sleeve for making this look stand out. Read on to get inspired and raid your local vintage shop for the soft, wistful tee of your dreams.



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