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The fashion industry remains one of the most major contributors to pollution worldwide and despite efforts from certain brands to reduce their footprint, sustainability remains a major sore spot. One of the major culprits of damage to the environment and wildlife is of course, the fur industry, which is not only notoriously cruel to animals, but furthermore, fur farms exceed other textile production in land use and climate damage by 2-28.

Gucci has announced that beginning in Spring 2018, the brand will no longer use real fur in their products. Revealed yesterday at Kering's talk at London College of Fashion, Gucci has established a plan to ban coyote, mink, fox, raccoon, karakul, rabbit, and other species bred or caught for fur production; they will replace real fur with technologically replicated materials instead.

In a statement for the Humane Society of the United States, Simone Pavesi, manager of animal free fashion for LAV (an Italian animal rights group), said: “Gucci's decision will radically change the future of fashion. Respect for animals is becoming more entrenched in people’s values and the great names of fashion are gradually implementing social responsibility policies to reflect that. As fashion becomes more and more ethical, supply chains that revolve around animals will be a thing of the past.”

You can read Gucci's full pledge here. The brand recently made the decision to substitute real fur for high-end lambs wool in their famous Princetown loafers earlier this year. Other high end brands to ditch fur include Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Armani, Shrimps, Ellery, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

Main image via @gucci


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