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10 Questions is a series of profiles by Couturesque that highlight young creatives with interesting voices and cool careers in fashion. At 20, Kailee McKenzie has amassed more than 330,000 subscribers who turn into her YouTube channel to get inspired by her style. Mature, runway-driven, and effortlessly cool, Kailee's voice stands out in a crowded social media environment.

What do you do and how did you get started?

I'm Kailee McKenzie and I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger/vlogger, student and designer! I'm originally from West Virginia but now I live in New York and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. I started making videos from my bedroom when I was 12 and never stopped! The initial decision to post on YouTube really changed my path in life. As for design, I'm releasing my first official collection this fall in collaboration with my boyfriend, Avery Ginsberg. My experience from school and internships has really helped the process. In my spare time, I sell secondhand clothes on Depop (@kaileemckenzie).

What are you motivated by?

I find myself most motivated by my own progress. It's the perfect motivation to keep going. That goes for work, life, fitness, relationships....everything!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

1. @bunnyrabbitry because I love bunnies.

2. @zhours because I love the photography and her style!

3. @jacquemus because it seems really authentic to Simon and I love the brand.

Describe your style.

I really wear my moods. If I'm feely girly and outgoing I'll wear my massive Jacquemus straw hat with a maxi dress and sandals. If I'm feeling lazy you'll probably find me in a hoodie, trousers and my Rick Owens sockboots.

Describe your morning routine.

I usually head to the bathroom to freshen up and then hop back in bed to respond to emails and attend to anything that needs immediate attention. After that I get ready, grab some breakfast and head to a local cafe to start my actual work day.

What was the last thing that you took a picture of?

My phone is overloaded with screenshots...but an actual photo? My boyfriend.

What makes you feel confident?

Fashion! Nothing makes me feel better than throwing on a good outfit. Not to say [that] that's the only reason you should feel confident, but it definitely helps.

Proudest moment?

Moving to NYC on my own!

Advice for yourself at 17?

Keep saving $$. Time spent working instead of socializing isn't wasted.

Where do you see the fashion industry in 10 years?

It's really hard to say! Everything could completely change. I hope for the industry to move towards a more sustainable future.

Images via @kaileemckenzie

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